Pilates Instructor Course

A Complete Pilates Course for Beginners and Professionals

Are you ready to master the Pilates method and help others by sharing your expertise?

Join our Pilates Instructor Course and get in-depth knowledge and skills needed to implement Pilates effectively.

It’s time to take part in this one-of-a-kind pilates course with world-class instructors, a flexible schedule, and valuable certificates.

Join the course and learn the practical applications of Pilates, anatomy and physiology, exercises, poses, breathing techniques, neutrals, reformer, clinical, contemporary, classical, and mat pilates with advanced teaching and training skills.


Become a certified trainer

From the mat to clinical pilates; master the key Pilates types with this pilates instructor course. Gain valuable knowledge from world-class instructors who will share their best tips with you. Earn an authentic and shareable certificate of completion and expand your career as a certified Pilates trainer.


Pilates is an effective technique to improve your posture, strength, and flexibility and to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of low self-esteem. That’s why more and more people are attending Pilates sessions everyday all over the world.


This certified Pilates instructor course is complete and comprehensive. It covers everything from basic concepts to professional practices. Learn the anatomy, history, principles, and theory of Pilates.

Practice posture, breathing techniques, workouts, exercises, body control, and coordination. Master the five types of pilates with complete practice and training sessions.

Learn to provide pilates exercises to pregnant women. Explore classroom and client management techniques and learn how to develop a strong client base. Expand your knowledge with research-backed techniques from experts.


Evaluate your learning experience with the practical assignments and quizzes provided in each module, and receive your certificate.


Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who want to practice Pilates for personal care.
  • Professionals who want to learn advanced Pilates skills to start or expand their career.
  • Physical instructors, yoga masters, gym trainers, and professionals related to the fitness industry.

Whether you want to enhance your skills, become a pro-level instructor, or are just a beginner, this certified Pilates course is a complete package for you.

Join the Pilates course today and get the benefits:

Learning from a professional instructor

24/7 access from any device

Practical exercises

Tests, quizzes and recaps

Certificate of completion

Extra materials and downloadable bonuses

100% satisfaction guarantee

Sonia Yamuna

Pilates Instructor

Sonia Yamuna is an experienced Pilates instructor with over 15 years of training and teaching in the pilates industry. She has conducted over 100 training sessions and runs her fitness classes, where she trains clients regularly. Sonia has earned many courses and certifications from international yoga institutes and is an author of popular research articles where she shares practical tips, based on her diverse knowledge and personal experiences.


She frequently takes part in seminars and classes about yoga and pilates to be up to date with the latest information. She incorporate this knowledge into her own pilates practice. She loves to inspire her students by sharing her in-depth knowledge and professional pilates tips.


  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Full HD instructional videos
  • Practical exercises
  • Certification upon completion
  • Lots of engaging content (including bonuses)
  • Advanced learning platform
star star star star star

Highly recommend. The whole course and the extra materials are informative, comprehensive, and easy to follow, even for a beginner like myself. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about taking up this Pilates course, but I logged in and started learning without getting confused at all. I have learned so much and I wish more people had access to this kind of knowledge.

Marine Beauchamp

Pilates Instructor Course participant

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Who is this Pilates Instructor Course for?
What is Pilates?
Who invented Pilates? Brief history of Joseph Pilates and his method
Evaluation of the Pilates method
Different kinds of Pilates
What Pilates does to your body? Benefits of Pilates
Is Pilates good for everyone? Contraindications for Pilates
The fundamentals of Pilates
What makes Pilates special?
Anatomy and physiology in Pilates
Quiz – anatomy and physiology
Theoretic breathing
Practice session
Roll up
Roll over
Roll back
Leg circles
Side leg
Leg pull down
Leg pull up
Core series
Core variations
Back stretch
Spine extension
Spine twist
Neck pull
Shoulder Bridge
Hip circles
Control balance
Side bends
Side kicks
Push ups
How to modyfiy and vary Pilates exercises
Quiz-Pilates exercises
Tennis ball
Franklin ball (spikey ball)
Foam roller
Hand weights
Yoga block
Pilates arc
Quiz – Pilates props
Pilates – facts & myths
Quiz – Pilates true or false
Class planning – introduction
Pilates class structure
Effective teaching methods
Correcting Pilates postures and exercises
Arrange the space
Health and safety during Pilates class
Who you can and shouldn’t teach Pilates
Working with special populations
Know your clients and meet their needs
Pilates class made fun
Class themes and styles
Seated warm-up
Supine warm-up
Core warm-up
Standing warm-up
Target group
Exercises & sequences
Pilates classes (beginners) – full length example
Target group
Exercises & sequences
Pilates classes (intermediate) – full length example
Target group
Exercises & sequences
Pilates classes (advanced) – full length example


  • Foundations of working as Pilates Instructor
  • Advanced Pilates classes
  • Lastest knowledge about working as a Pilates instructor
  • Basic and advanced knowledge of Pilates
  • Taking care of the development of your body and well-being with Pilates
  • Professional skills related to teaching Pilates classes

A letter from your expert instructor:

I’m pleased to invite you to this outstanding Pilates Instructor Course I’ve prepared for Kemp Center. The world is too busy, especially for those who are earning and learning. Everyone is looking for ways to enhance their careers and boost their income. In this race, one thing that we all miss is taking care of our health. Usually, people cannot make it to the studio or gym because of other responsibilities. Yet, people are striving to maintain their posture and health no matter what. Hence, the demand for yoga, pilates, and fitness training is raising tremendously.

Pilates is a type of exercise that offers multiple advantages to the body and mind. People are seeking this exercise because of its unlimited benefits and the fast results it can bring. Professionals in the fitness industry are also keen on becoming Pilates instructors because of high demand.

The web is full of Pilates exercises and courses but finding an authentic and complete course covering all types of pilates exercises is challenging. That is exactlly why I decided to join the Kemp Center team and prepare this course for you.

This course is a complete package that covers pilates from all perspectives and is equally beneficial for beginners and professionals. The course content provides practical learning sessions, training videos and usefull tips that you can use in your everyday practice. I hope to see you soon!

  Sonia Yamuna, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Sonia Yamuna Pilates Instructor

Pilates workout plans for various levels of ability

Do you need a template filled with ready-to-implement training sessions? In this downloadable bonus, you’ll get exactly that: a whole list of pilates workout plans designed for every level of ability.

Best tips for Pilates instructors

Whether you’re a seasoned Pilates instructor or a complete beginner, you will benefit from these tips and take your practice to the next level. Learn how to deal with difficult students, push beyond your limits, and achieve perfect form.

How to prepare the environment for Pilates classes?

A properly prepared environment for Pilates classes will positively affect their reception. How to ensure the safety of participants and put them in the right mood – you will read about it in this manual.

5 ideas for outdoor Pilates classes

Pilates in the park? How about on the sea coast or in the mountains? Maybe you want to combine Pilates with the natural elements? Here are 5 ideas for Pilates outdoors.


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Lastest knowledge about being Pilates Instructor
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Overview of the course:

Detailed video presentations

1. Theoretical part

Laying the fundaments for your upcoming practice, understand pilates and the science behind it:

  • Obtain a complex knowledge of pilates, its history, current status, components and philosophy behind it
  • Pliates in relation to the human body, anatomical and physiological perspective
  • Challenge your knowledge with some facts&myths that you might’ve came across regarding pilates

2. Creating and conducting a pilates session for others

This part of the course will equip you in the knowledge essential to organize a pilates class from the very beginning to its successful end.

  • Variations of warm – ups
  • Adapting pilates classes accordingly to the level of its participants
  • Including individual needs and difficulties into the class
  • Marketing your services

Training videos

Practice essential pilates methods, stretches, practices, and poses

  • Pilates practices
  • Positions
  • Stretch types
  • Modifying exercises and adding variation to them
  • Working with probs


1. Tests and revision of acquired knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Pilates
  • Knowledge of specific Pilates-related aspects and components

2. Final Exam

  • Final test
  • Summary of previously presented knowledge and tasks

Course materials

  • How to prepare the environment for Pilates classes
  • 5 ideas for outdoor Pilates classes
  • Pilates workout plans for various levels of ability
  • Best tips for Pilates instructors

Course takeaways:

Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Practical presentations to make you a pro

Learning tools for professionals

Exercises and practical tasks

Practical skills - including preparing for Pilates classes, different Pilates types and poses

Repetition and testing - repetitions and follow-up tests

Complete and extensive supporting materials - files for daily use

Lifetime access to the course - Full access 24/7, Available on a smartphone

Valuable certification – Kemp Qualification Certificate


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Latest knowledge about becoming a singer
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We take great pride in creating the highest quality learning courses. That’s why we can offer you a 14 day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. If, after your purchase, you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can get in touch and we will give you a full refund.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Our course benefits from all the advantages of the e-learning formula. You can start it whenever you want. It usually takes less than 20 hours to complete it. You will have lifetime access to all of the course resources and can complete it at your own pace. Even after completion you can get back to the course anytime in the future.

The training has been designed for those with basic knowledge of pilates. People with no experience will be able to complete the course – as long as they do not lack desire and interest in the subject.

The graduate of the Pilates Instructor Course receives a certificate in printable digital form. You can look it up here. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. Studies show that most employers are interested in hiring a person who does not have higher education but has a different qualification certificate (source: Learning House 2018). Most of the employers rate qualifications obtained the same as those obtained in-house (source: UPCEA 2018). In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

No. You can complete the course entirely via smartphone.

If you have a computer or tablet, all the better – you can also use it to take the course.

The tasks and exercises are varied and help you acquire specific practical skills. First, the instructor shows a concrete example of how to perform the task and then the student performs it independently. The result of their work is attached as a file in the appropriate format. Our expert team reviews the projects and delivers feedback.

They are neither too easy nor too difficult. You will be OK!

You can take each test an unlimited number of times. To pass the tests, you must answer at least 60% questions correctly.

The course is made in a way that will not require direct contact with the course author. Our expert team will review your assignments and excercises, point out mistakes and give feedback.  Additionally, you will have unlimited access to help materials and customer support.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and go back to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

Yes. When making a payment, select the appropriate option and enter your company information.


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