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Are you bored with traditional, theoretical courses related to a personal trainer career? Would you rather save time and money on commutes? Are you interested in practical knowledge? Do you want to enhance your skills in preparing a Workout plan? We have a course for you! With us, you will learn how to create a Workout plan tailored to your needs and those of your clients!

Just like many fitness enthusiasts, you aspire to turn your passion into a thriving venture, but challenges continue to arise.

  Financing is crucial when it comes to a workout planning course

There are few local courses on workout plan

Navigating constraints of time and little inclination towards travel

Resources after training are still hard to access

Finding it challenging to comprehensively review all facets of the training sessions

The response you’ve been searching for is with us!

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Przemek Wasak

An instructor and coach in several sports disciplines

A personal trainer with over 12 years of experience. An invaluable coach and motivator who has collaborated with numerous individuals from the world of politics and showbiz throughout their career.


Furthermore, they conduct post-operative exercise sessions, support post-traumatic therapy, diagnose and alleviate pain. They are also interested in biochemistry, pharmacology, dietetics, and psychology, incorporating the latest scientific advancements in these fields into their work with clients.

Kasia Marat

A personal trainer and fitness instructor

A personal trainer and fitness instructor with over 10 years of experience. A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw.


Throughout her career, she has worked in many renowned fitness clubs in Warsaw. Currently, she holds the position of Fitness Club Network Manager. Her specialization lies in sculpting the female physique and reducing body fat.


Together with Przemek, she has created a comprehensive personal trainer course for you, through which you will acquire essential knowledge and succeed in the fitness industry.

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Self-paced Course

Are you interested in learning how to create a personalized workout plan correctly? With our experts, you’ll receive a substantial amount of knowledge that will show you which exercises and to what extent should be included in training plans to meet your client’s fitness goals. Enhance your coaching skills with our course and learn how to design workout plans for your clients, ensuring they perform exercises in a safe manner.

Take advantage of interactive training sessions, instructional videos, and insights from an experienced fitness training mentor accessible through our platform. Enjoy the freedom to delve into Workout plan at your convenience, wherever and whenever it suits you best.

Exercise During Pregnancy
Fat-Burning Training
Machine-Based vs. Free Weight Training
Mobility and Stability
Plateau in Training
Overtraining vs. Fatigue
Hydration During Training Periods
How to Structure a Training Plan
Periodization in Training
Variable Training Plan Parameters - Frequency, Volume, Intensity
How to Combine Muscle Groups
Training for Beginners
Pyramid Training
Split Training
Compound Sets
Prepare a plan for your workout at the gym
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Online workout- How to increase your income

Whether based in a gym or online, a personal trainer can make a significant impact. Tap into the world of virtual training, which allows you to retain full earnings and expand your working hours, reaching out to more individuals seeking fitness guidance. Act now and delve into our special bonus!


Certificate Workout plan


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  • Types of Training Methods
  • Basic Training Concepts
  • How to Structure a Training Plan - What to Include
  • Recommended Activities for Specific Training Goals
  • Preparing perfect training plans
  • Making adjustments and modifications to the plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Kickstart your educational journey with our Workout plan course that leverages the benefits of online learning. The course is available round the clock, allowing you to progress according to your rhythm. We grant perpetual access to all course content, enabling you to finish at your convenience and revisit the material anytime you wish, even post-completion.

This program is principally designed for individuals with a foundational understanding of workouts. Yet, those new to the field can also excel within this course, provided they exude a genuine passion and inquisitiveness for the subject.

Obtaining a certificate from a Workout plan course is vital. It authenticates your skills and expertise, bolstering your credibility in the intensely competitive fitness sector. Moreover, it can elevate your career opportunities, setting you apart from those without structured education. Importantly, these certifications retain their value over the years, reflecting your consistent commitment to professional growth.

It isn’t mandatory. You can complete the Workout plan course entirely using just your smartphone.

However, having access to a computer or tablet is a bonus – you can utilize them for the course as well.

The Workout plan course is designed so that direct interaction with the course creator isn’t essential. Our proficient team will assess your tasks and activities, pinpoint mistakes, and provide feedback. Additionally, you’ll have continuous access to materials and dedicated customer service.

Before commencing any training, ascertain that neither you nor the recipient have any health conditions that might lead to harm or discomfort. Refrain from utilizing techniques that may not be entirely safe for both parties. Please be aware that the Kemp Center cannot guarantee absolute compliance with the laws of all jurisdictions. In your professional pursuits, it’s imperative to adhere to local legal guidelines and act in accordance with your specific legal situation.

Feel free to access the Workout plan material on our platform without any hindrances. The content is presented in a user-friendly manner, allowing easy navigation and revisiting of specific topics. Additionally, supplementary course resources are available for download.

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