Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the foundation for proper body functioning during workouts and makes an essential part of a personal trainer’s job.

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If, like many fitness enthusiasts, you’d like to create diets tailored to workout intensity and ensure proper meal balance, this course is for you. Learn the correct approach to Sports Nutrition planning with our experts.

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Przemek Wasak

An instructor and coach in several sports disciplines

A seasoned fitness coach with over a dozen years under their belt. A precious guide and driving force who has partnered with various prominent personalities from both politics and entertainment.


Beyond this, they guide post-surgery exercises, aid in trauma recovery, evaluate and mitigate pain. They delve deep into biochemistry, pharmacology, dietetics, and psychology, weaving the newest findings from these areas into their client sessions.

Kasia Marat

A personal trainer and fitness instructor

An experienced fitness trainer and educator, boasting a commendable 10-year track record. She’s a proud graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw.


Her professional trajectory has seen her make her mark in some of Warsaw’s top-tier fitness centers. At present, she spearheads as the Fitness Club Network Manager. Her expertise shines in molding the female contour and optimizing fat reduction.


Alongside Przemek, she’s conceptualized an exhaustive personal trainer syllabus for enthusiasts, offering a solid foundation to ascend in the fitness realm.

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Self-paced Course

Immerse yourself in the world of Sports Nutrition with our diet lessons! Learn how to create and select ingredients for a nutrition plan for yourself and your clients.

Are you ready to enhance your fitness skills and excel in the gym? Prioritize your body’s needs first. With Sports Nutrition lessons, you’ll discover how to listen to your body and provide it with the right elements, ensuring the appropriate amount of calories and macros.

Become a better personal trainer and take care of your clients’ diets so they can achieve their fitness goals with you. Sports Nutrition lessons are also dedicated to personal trainers who want to take care of their clients at the highest possible level.

Join the ranks of those who are knowledgeable about Sports Nutrition and start your learning journey today!

Diet and Body Composition - Fundamental Concepts
Body Types - Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph
Diet for Specific Body Type
Training for Specific Body Type
Principles of Healthy Nutrition
Diet - Basic Concepts - BMI, BMR, TDEE
Diet - Nutritional Standards and Macronutrients
Practical Examples of Diet Planning
Cholesterol and Anti-Cholesterol Diet
Classification of Food Products
Dietary Fiber
Glycemic Index and Insulin Resistance
Ketogenic Diet
Vicious Cycle of Nutrition
Prepare a diet for You as a personal trainer.
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Certificate Sports Nutrition


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  • Diet Planning
  • Calculating Proper Meal Caloric Content
  • Selecting Dishes to Meet Macronutrient and Micronutrient Requirements
  • Topics Related to Glycemic Index and Insulin Resistance
  • What is the Vicious Cycle of Nutrition?

Frequently Asked Questions

Kickstart your educational journey with our Sports Nutrition course, fully harnessing the benefits of online learning. With 24/7 availability, it grants you the freedom to study at your preferred pace. We ensure unlimited access to all the course content, permitting you to finalize it leisurely and revisit any module anytime you wish, even after you’ve wrapped it up.

This course is primarily designed for those with a foundational understanding of diet and exercise. However, absolute beginners can still thrive in this setting, provided they showcase genuine interest and passion for the subject matter.

Obtaining a certificate from a Sports Nutrition course is imperative. It confirms your expertise and capabilities, reinforcing your credibility in the highly competitive personal training sector. Furthermore, it can boost your career opportunities, setting you apart from those without structured education. It’s worth noting that these certifications preserve their value over the years, indicating your persistent commitment to honing your skills.

It’s not required. You can fully accomplish the Nutrition for trainers course solely with your smartphone. But, if you can get hold of a computer or tablet, that’s a boon – they can be used for the course too.

The Sports Nutrition course is organized to negate the requirement for direct correspondence with the course author. Our proficient team will assess your tasks and exercises, detect inaccuracies, and provide feedback. Additionally, you’ll have unrestricted access to resources and dedicated customer support.

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