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How many fitness aficionados aspire to transform their love for exercise into a lucrative career? The journey towards becoming a personal trainer is now easily accessible through our comprehensive Personal Trainer Certification program.

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Przemek Wasak

An instructor and coach in several sports disciplines

An experienced fitness aficionado with a rich 12-year journey. An irreplaceable guide and energizer, having worked alongside stars from both the political and celebrity arenas.


Proficient in diverse sports and a distinguished personal training professional. Their resume boasts stints in Warsaw’s top-tier gymnasiums, with a keen focus on functional strength modules.


On top of this, they oversee post-surgical workouts, champion trauma-related therapies, pinpoint and reduce pain sources. Their interests span biochemistry, pharmacology, dietary science, and psychology, ensuring clients benefit from the freshest academic insights.

Kasia Marat

A personal trainer and fitness instructor

A dedicated fitness mentor with a rich background spanning over ten years. She proudly holds a degree from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw.


Her professional timeline boasts stints in several of Warsaw’s elite fitness establishments. She now dons the mantle of Fitness Club Network Manager. Sculpting the female form and facilitating fat loss are her forte.


With her infectious enthusiasm and spirit, she empowers her clients, guiding them to tackle challenges and meet even the loftiest fitness milestones. She’s a true motivator and a fountain of positive vibes.


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Self-paced Course

Immerse yourself in the realm of Personal Trainer Certification with our specialized fitness training course.

Enthralled by the dynamic world of fitness and driven to excel within it? Our tailored Personal Trainer Certification program is meticulously crafted to transform your aspirations into unparalleled expertise! Cultivate hands-on skills in this distinct domain of fitness training. Uncover the nuances of impactful coaching and familiarize yourself with fundamental principles.

Harness the benefits of engaging training sessions, instructive videos, and wisdom from a seasoned fitness training mentor, all readily accessible through our platform. Embrace the flexibility to dive into your Personal Trainer Certification journey at your convenience, anywhere and anytime it aligns with your schedule.

Personal Trainer and Their Work
A Training Session of 60 Minutes as a Guiding Model
Machines or Functional Strength Training with Free Weights - Trainer's Workshop
Roles of the Trainer - Support and Guide, Motivator, Friend, Psychologist, Consultant, Salesperson
Purpose of the Personal Trainer's Work
Principles of Effective Personal Training Work - Trust, Respect, Honesty
Personal Questionnaire of the Personal Trainer for the Trainee
Setting Goals as the Key to Success
Motivation and Support for Trainees
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
Essentials at the Workplace
Personal Trainer and Their Work
Role, Tasks, and Skills of the Trainer - Your Mindset as a Work Tool
A Day in the Life of a Trainer
Personalizing Training and Relationships with Trainees - Work-Life Balance
Prioritizing Client Needs Over Yours, Methods of Acquiring and Retaining Clients
Working with Clients
Trainer's Development
Business Aspects of a Trainer
Benefits of Physical Activity
Overweight and Obesity as Lifestyle Diseases
Training Goals - Endurance, Body Shaping, Relaxation
Physical Fitness Traits and Training Methods - Strength, Speed, and Endurance
Advantages of Physical Activity
Prepare a plan for your career as a personal trainer.
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Cultivate authentic abilities via practical exercises and applications that prime you for success in your desired profession.

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Online workout- How to increase your income

A personal trainer can work either directly at a gym or can also assist our clients through the use of computers and the internet.

Discover the method of remote training, where you don’t have to share profits with a gym and can maximize your work hours, enabling you to help a greater number of individuals with their workouts.

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Certificate Personal Trainer Certification


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  • Details and Secrets of Working as a Personal Trainer
  • Desirable Traits of a Personal Trainer
  • Managing a Career as a Personal Trainer
  • Maintaining a Proper Lifestyle and Addressing Lifestyle Diseases

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch your learning process now with our Personal Trainer Certificationcourse that optimizes the advantages of digital education. The course is open 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your pace. We offer eternal access to all course materials, so you can complete it at a comfortable speed and come back to the course whenever you desire, even after completion.

This program is primarily designed for those familiar with basic workout concepts. However, even if you’re a novice, success is achievable in this course with genuine interest and enthusiasm for the subject.

Securing a certificate from a Personal Trainer Certification program is crucial. It verifies your abilities and strengths, enhancing your reliability in the fiercely competitive makeup industry. Additionally, it can augment your career prospects, distinguishing you from those who don’t possess formal training. Notably, these certificates uphold their significance over time, signifying your unwavering dedication to skill enhancement.

It’s not a necessity. You can entirely finish the Personal Trainer Certification program just using your smartphone.

However, if you manage to access a computer or tablet, it’s a plus – they’re suitable for the course as well.

The Personal Trainer Certification program is organized in a manner that removes the need for direct communication with the course author. Our proficient team will assess your assignments and exercises, identify any errors, and provide constructive feedback. Moreover, you will have unrestricted access to learning resources and dedicated customer support.

Prior to engaging in any training, ensure that both you and the recipient are free from health issues that might result in harm or discomfort. Avoid employing methods that aren’t completely safe for both parties. The Kemp Center cannot guarantee complete alignment with the laws of every jurisdiction. In your professional pursuits, it’s your responsibility to adhere to local regulations and navigate your distinct legal circumstances.

You can access the Personal Trainer Certification program material on our platform without any barriers. The content is laid out for straightforward navigation and revisiting specific subjects. There are also additional course resources that you can download.

Certainly. While making your payment, select the appropriate option and provide the necessary details for your business.