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Bożena Pustelnik-Szczepańska

Certified nail styling instructor

With over ten years under her belt, she’s a certified expert in nail styling, cosmetology, and makeup artistry.


Her journey in professional nail styling began in 2009, and she’s an alumna of both foundational and advanced cosmetology courses. She helms her nail styling business and annually tutors a significant number of enthusiasts.


Possessing a postgraduate degree in Pedagogical Qualifications, she wears dual hats of a seasoned nail stylist and a distinguished educator.

Anna Kanikowska

Nail styling instructor

At the helm of a distinguished nail boutique in Warsaw, she stands as a celebrity manicurist enriched with more than 10 years in the trade.


Her beauty sanctuary, nestled in Warsaw’s Mokotów since 2010, has been a canvas for myriad artistic nail creations.


The salon is a frequent haunt for luminaries like Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Rozenek, Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, Paulina Krupińska, and Marta Manowska. As a Cosmetology alumna, her style leans towards elegant and perennial designs. From pristine French manicures to striking red and black palettes, she curates them with finesse.


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I wholeheartedly recommend the nail stylist course. I completed it without any issues. Everything is explained and demonstrated really well. The materials are very enjoyable, and they’re a delight to listen to.


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I highly recommend courses at the National Education Center. I took the Nail Styling course and I’m very satisfied with how it went. There’s a lot of essential information provided. I recommend it to beginners and beyond. Regards, Kate


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I highly recommend the nail styling course. I completed it in less than a month, with very useful information and engaging presentations. It’s enjoyable to listen to and easy to learn 😁.

Crazy Natixon


Self-paced Course

Embark on a journey of mastering Nail extensions through our tailored manicure course.

Fascinated by Nail extensions and wish to be adept at it? Our course is curated to catalyze your journey from enthusiast to expert! Absorb practical knowledge in this exquisite nail craft. Comprehend the finer points of application and absorb pivotal details.

Utilizing a mix of lively hands-on sessions, step-by-step videos, and guidance from a seasoned nail artist available on our platform, explore Nail extensions as it fits into your schedule and location.

Nail Extension in Oval Shape
Nail Extension in Almond Shape - Baby Boomer Painted
Nail Extension in Square Shape - French Painted with Camouflage Gel Extension
Do manicure on your friend or family
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

See for yourself

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Step into the captivating universe of manicure training, featuring thorough lessons in a dynamic and interactive format.

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Embark on a voyage through an arena brimming with expansive learning, showcased in an enthralling and attention-grabbing way.

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Probe into expertly designed educational tools meant for specialists to advance their comprehension and capabilities.

Practical skills

Enhance genuine competencies through actionable drills and procedures, leading you toward excellence in your career journey.

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Access anytime, suitable for every device: Delight in ceaseless learning by having unlimited entry to the course, offering the freedom to study on your schedule, from anywhere, on any platform.

You can gain even more!


Enroll with us and secure an extra course advantage that will boost the understanding you gain while studying!

Valuable certification

Enroll with us and get valuable certificate that will boost your position on the job market.

How to care about your nails

Do you wish to grasp the art of maintaining your nails’ stunning appearance and vigorous health?


If that sounds like you, this bonus material is your golden ticket. This content is brimming with seasoned tips and knowledge on superior nail care.


Navigate through a plethora of expert suggestions, designed thoughtfully to help you cherish and elevate the condition of your nails. Learn diverse tactics that address both the outer beauty and inner strength of your nails.


Certificate Nail extensions


zł 199

  • How to prepare the hand and nails for a manicure
  • How to perform nail extensions in an oval shape
  • How to perform nail extensions in an almond shape
  • How to perform nail extensions in a baby boomer style
  • How to perform nail extensions in a square shape
  • How to use extension and camouflage gel

Frequently Asked Questions

Embark on a transformative learning experience with our manicure course that taps into the full potential of digital instruction. With 24/7 course availability, you can adapt your learning to your rhythm. Benefit from perpetual access to all content, allowing you to review and refresh your knowledge anytime, even after course completion.

Primarily aimed at those with a basic knowledge of nail art, this training is still open to complete beginners, provided they have a true zest and eagerness to learn about the subject.

Attaining a certificate in Nail extensions is of utmost importance. It serves as proof of your skillset and competence, amplifying your standing in the intensely competitive beauty industry. This distinction can further advance your career trajectory, marking you out from peers without official training. Significantly, these certificates maintain their relevance, indicating your persistent pursuit of skill development.

It isn’t a necessity. Your smartphone alone is sufficient to go through the Nail designs course.

Yet, if you happen to have a computer or tablet, it’s an added advantage – they can be employed for the course too.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the Nail extensions course obviates the need for direct contact with its creator. Our expert team will oversee the grading of your tasks and exercises, spotting discrepancies, and giving feedback. Additionally, you can count on limitless access to our resources and unwavering customer help.

Before undertaking a manicure, make certain that both you and the client are free from health conditions that could induce injury or discomfort. Do not use practices that might compromise safety. The Kemp Center isn’t responsible for ensuring conformance with the laws of all areas. In terms of professional conduct, always align with local guidelines and be mindful of your distinct legal position.

Our platform offers unhindered access to the Nail extensions manicure course content. It’s structured in a user-friendly manner, ensuring you can smoothly navigate and circle back to any topics of interest. We also provide additional downloadable resources related to the course.

Certainly. During the payment step, opt for the right choice and provide your business’s details.