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  capital is crucial for the education in classic Nail designs

  local nail design training courses are in short supply

  faced with a limited amount of time and enthusiasm for travel

resources can’t be accessed post-training

struggling to deeply analyze every part of the executed manicure

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Bożena Pustelnik-Szczepańska

Certified nail styling instructor

A certified educator in nail styling, cosmetology, and makeup artistry with a decade of experience.


Her postgraduate Pedagogical Qualifications set her apart as a practitioner, nail styling expert, theorist, and instructor. She captivates students through lectures and hands-on cosmetology lessons.


A passionate nail artistry enthusiast, she shares her insights in a niche magazine and other platforms.

Anna Kanikowska

Nail styling instructor

As the owner of a top-tier nail lounge in Warsaw, she’s a manicurist to the stars with an illustrious decade-long journey.


Her beauty oasis, rooted in Mokotów, Warsaw since 2010, has seen the birth of an array of breathtaking nail masterpieces.


Luminaries like Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Rozenek, Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, Paulina Krupińska, and Marta Manowska are regulars at her salon. Holding a Cosmetology degree, she is synonymous with designs that echo timeless elegance. Whether it’s the classic French manicure or bold red and black creations, she crafts each with artistry.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the nail stylist course. I completed it without any issues. Everything is explained and demonstrated really well. The materials are very enjoyable, and they’re a delight to listen to.


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I highly recommend courses at the National Education Center. I took the Nail Styling course and I’m very satisfied with how it went. There’s a lot of essential information provided. I recommend it to beginners and beyond. Regards, Kate


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I highly recommend the nail styling course. I completed it in less than a month, with very useful information and engaging presentations. It’s enjoyable to listen to and easy to learn 😁.

Crazy Natixon


Self-paced Course

Dive deep into the realm of Nail designs with our specialized manicure course.

Drawn to the allure of Nail designs and keen on perfecting it? Our specialized Nail designs course is tailored to transform your dreams into expertise! Harness practical skills in this distinct nail art form. Delve into the nuances of impeccable application and familiarize yourself with key elements.

Benefit from interactive training sessions, instructional videos, and wisdom from a seasoned nail art guru available on our platform. Delight in the liberty to delve into Nail designs whenever and wherever suits you best.

Basic Nail Decorations: Ombre
What is Ombre?
How to choose colors for Ombre?
How to cover the nail?
What are the types of Ombre?
How to apply colors for Ombre?
How to set the color?
Applying the second layer
Creating the Ombre pattern
Do manicure on your friend or family
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Valuable certification

After finishing the course, you will be awarded a prestigious certificate acknowledged by the beauty sector. This certificate serves as both a testament to your nail designs skills and a boost to your professional reputation.

How to care about your nails

Eager to acquire the secrets of sustaining your nails’ radiant charm and robust health?


If this sparks your interest, our bonus content promises to enlighten. Dive into a realm filled with expert viewpoints and guidance on holistic nail care.


Engage with a vast collection of expert-driven tips, constructed with care to lead you towards nail perfection. Delve into multifaceted approaches that touch upon both the external care and the internal health of your nails.


Certificate Nail designs

zł 29

  • Shaping the nail
  • Creating ombre nail design
  • Choosing the right colors
  • Applying various colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch your learning process now with our manicure course that optimizes the advantages of digital education. The course is open 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your pace. We offer eternal access to all course materials, so you can complete it at a comfortable speed and come back to the course whenever you desire, even after completion.

This course is primarily designed for those who already possess a foundational understanding of nail art. However, even if you’re a novice with no prior exposure, success in this course is attainable with genuine enthusiasm and a strong interest in the subject.

Acquiring a certificate in Nail designs is key. It affirms your competencies and strengths, heightening your legitimacy in the bustling beauty sector. It also potentially uplifts your career horizons, separating you from individuals without formalized instruction. It’s worth noting that the esteem of these certificates persists, denoting your unyielding zeal for skill refinement.

It’s not mandatory. You can complete the Nail designs course entirely using your smartphone.

However, if you have access to a computer or tablet, that’s a bonus – they’re also compatible with the course.

The Nail designs course is formulated so that learners don’t have to directly correspond with the course originator. Our seasoned team will assess your work, locate any oversights, and deliver feedback. You’ll also have round-the-clock access to a trove of resources and responsive customer support.

Before proceeding with any manicure, ensure that both you and the recipient have no health concerns that might cause harm or discomfort. Avoid employing methods that aren’t completely safe for both parties. The Kemp Center cannot guarantee total alignment with the regulations of all jurisdictions. For professional activities, it’s your responsibility to adhere to your local regulations and consider your specific legal circumstances.

On our platform, the Nail designs manicure course is seamlessly accessible. The layout is intuitive, letting you navigate and revisit sections effortlessly. There are also bonus materials that you can download to further your understanding.

Of course. When processing your payment, select the appropriate option and enter your business’s information.