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Are you prepared to embark on a journey into the realm of professional nail artistry?

Our all-inclusive nail artist class will lead you through the enchanting world of colors, techniques, and transformative tools in the realm of nail art. Learn from the best in the industry, individuals who bring years of expertise and groundbreaking insights right to your fingertips. This package presents a carefully curated array of courses, spanning from the fundamentals of nail care and natural nail designs to advanced nail sculpting, intricate designs, and the latest trends.

Each course is thoughtfully crafted to incorporate a fusion of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning venture. Ideal for both nail art enthusiasts eager to refine their craft and aspiring nail artists aspiring for a professional pathway, these courses can unveil a fresh realm of creativity and potential. Don’t hesitate – enhance your nail artistry skills today!

Bożena Pustelnik-Szczepańska

Certified nail styling instructor

A certified nail styling instructor, cosmetologist, and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience.


She has been professionally involved in nail styling since 2009. A graduate of both first and second-degree studies in cosmetology. She runs her own nail styling salon and also conducts individual training for dozens of people annually.


She delivers lectures and practical classes in cosmetology studies. She is passionate about the art of nail decoration, about which she writes, among other things, for the specialized magazine.


Anna Kanikowska

Nail styling instructor

Owner of a renowned Warsaw nail styling salon, a celebrity manicurist with over 10 years of experience.


Her salon is frequently visited by celebrities. A graduate in Cosmetology, she emphasizes classic and elegant stylizations. She loves creating flawless French manicures as well as bold red and black compositions.


She is one of two experienced experts who have contributed to the fact that our nail styling course includes extensive practical and industry advice. Thanks to them, you will develop your passion and perhaps soon join the ranks of experts yourself.

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I wholeheartedly recommend the nail stylist course. I completed it without any issues. Everything is explained and demonstrated really well. The materials are very enjoyable, and they’re a delight to listen to.


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I highly recommend courses at the National Education Center. I took the Nail Styling course and I’m very satisfied with how it went. There’s a lot of essential information provided. I recommend it to beginners and beyond. Regards, Kate


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I highly recommend the nail styling course. I completed it in less than a month, with very useful information and engaging presentations. It’s enjoyable to listen to and easy to learn 😁.

Crazy Natixon

You will learn to perform a natural, nail-strengthening manicure.
You will gain a substantial amount of knowledge about performing hybrid nail techniques
In this section, you will discover methods of nail extensions and how to execute the extension process
Classic French manicure - fundamentals for every nail artist
You will learn how to maintain the aesthetic appearance of both feet and nails, as well as how to execute a pedicure
Inspiration and instruction for creating intricate nail designs
Complete specific assignments to organize the knowledge acquired during the course.
Tests in which you can pleasantly assess the level of knowledge you have gained

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How to care about your nails?

Are you interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to properly maintain the exquisite beauty and robust health of your nails?


If so, you’re in for a treat with this bonus content. Within these resources, you’ll gain access to expert guidance and insights on effective nail care practices.


Delve into a wealth of professional tips, meticulously crafted to empower you in nurturing your nails to their utmost potential. Explore a comprehensive array of techniques designed to bolster the health and appearance of your nails, encompassing both external care routines and internal wellness strategies.


certificate Nail artist course package


  • How to execute manicure in various techniques
  • How to build a nail for manicure
  • How to use polishes in manicure
  • UV light curing
  • How to create the nail art pattern
  • How to properly prepare the nails

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch your learning process now with our Nail artist course that optimizes the advantages of digital education. The course is open 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your pace. We offer eternal access to all course materials, so you can complete it at a comfortable speed and come back to the course whenever you desire, even after completion.

This training is chiefly intended for those who have a basic comprehension of Nail artist. Nonetheless, individuals with no prior experience can also flourish in this course, as long as they demonstrate keen curiosity and fervor for the topic.

Securing a certificate from a Nail artist course is crucial. It verifies your abilities and strengths, enhancing your reliability in the fiercely competitive nail industry. Additionally, it can augment your career prospects, distinguishing you from those who don’t possess formal training. Notably, these certificates uphold their significance over time, signifying your unwavering dedication to skill enhancement.

It’s not required. You can fully accomplish the Nail artist course solely with your smartphone.

But, if you can get hold of a computer or tablet, that’s a boon – they can be used for the course too.

The Nail artist course is structured in a way that eliminates the necessity for direct communication with the course author. Our skilled team will evaluate your assignments and exercises, identify inaccuracies, and offer feedback. Furthermore, you will enjoy unlimited access to resources and customer support.

Before doing any manicure, verify that neither you nor the recipient have any health issues that could lead to damage or distress. Refrain from utilizing techniques that aren’t entirely safe for you and the recipient. The Kemp Center can’t promise full accordance with every jurisdiction’s laws. When it comes to professional endeavors, you’re required to comply with your local laws and act in accordance with your unique legal situation.

You can access the Nail artist course material on our platform without any barriers. The content is laid out for straightforward navigation and revisiting specific subjects. There are also additional course resources that you can download.

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