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Bożena Pustelnik-Szczepańska

Certified nail styling instructor

An established nail styling teacher, cosmetologist, and nail stylist guru with a track record spanning over ten years.


Initiating her professional foray into nail styling in 2009, she has credentials from both primary and advanced cosmetology courses. She’s at the helm of her nail artistry studio and annually mentors a host of individuals.


With her advanced studies in Pedagogical Qualifications, she is renowned as both an adept nail stylist and a knowledgeable educator.


Anna Kanikowska

Nail styling instructor

Proprietor of a notable nail salon in Warsaw, she’s an esteemed manicurist with a career spanning over a decade.


From 2010, her Mokotów-based beauty hub in Warsaw has been the cradle of countless stunning nail arts.


Stars like Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Rozenek, Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, Paulina Krupińska, and Marta Manowska often grace her salon. Educated in Cosmetology, she has a penchant for sophisticated and classy nail designs. Be it the immaculate French manicure or the audacious red and black themes, she crafts them to perfection.

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Crazy Natixon


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Through dynamic hands-on exercises, illustrative video content, and expertise from a veteran nail stylist on our platform, embrace the world of Japanese manicure on your terms, from any locale.

Hand and Nail Disinfection
Application of Softening Gel
Nail Filing
Pushing Back Cuticles
Bullet-shaped Drill Bit
Cuticle Removal
Paste Application
Cuticle Smoothing
Do Japanese manicure on your friend or family
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Plunge into a treasure trove of specialist advice, diligently pieced together to guide you in achieving optimal nail health. Unravel an extensive range of strategies tailored to improve both the visible quality and inner vitality of your nails.


Certificate Japanese manicure

zł 49

  • Japanese Manicure Execution Technique
  • How to Ensure Proper Nail Work
  • How to Care for and Remove Cuticles Correctly
  • How to Properly Apply Japanese Manicure Techniques

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Dive into your learning experience now with our online manicure course. Designed for round-the-clock access, it ensures you can learn at a pace that’s right for you. We promise indefinite access to all course materials, meaning you can finish on your timetable and revisit any part whenever the need arises.

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