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Bożena Pustelnik-Szczepańska

Certified nail styling instructor


She embarked on her nail styling career in 2009 and is credentialed with both initial and higher-level cosmetology degrees. She stewards her own nail styling venture and provides yearly personal training sessions for many.


Earning her stripes in Pedagogical Qualifications postgraduate studies, she shines not only as a proficient nail artist but also as a seasoned educator.


Her contribution to the cosmetology world is two-fold – enlightening students with lectures and practice sessions and sharing her nail art passion through contributions to a dedicated magazine.


Anna Kanikowska

Nail styling instructor

Stationed in Warsaw’s Mokotów neighborhood since 2010, her beauty studio has been the birthplace of many mesmerizing nail designs.


Her establishment attracts celebrities including Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Rozenek, Marta Żmuda-Trzebiatowska, Paulina Krupińska, and Marta Manowska. With a degree in Cosmetology, she leans towards timeless and refined designs. She takes pride in perfecting the French manicure and isn’t shy to dabble in daring red and black designs.


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Crazy Natixon


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Nail Plate Preparation
Types of Base Coats
Application of Colors and Types of Top Coats
Hybrid Manicure Procedure
Express Manicure Procedure
French Manicure Hybrid Execution
Do manicure on your friend or family
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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How to care about your nails?

Do you have a keen interest in learning how to uphold the pristine allure and strong health of your nails?


If this resonates with you, get ready for some enriching bonus material. This content will provide you with expert advice and perspectives on top-notch nail care approaches.


Dive deep into an abundance of expert recommendations, carefully curated to assist you in fostering the peak condition of your nails. Discover a wide spectrum of methods aimed at enhancing the wellbeing and look of your nails, covering both surface care practices and inner health techniques.


Certificate Gel nails


zł 99

  • How to prepare the nail plate
  • What are the types of base coats
  • How to apply colors and what are the types of top coats
  • How to perform a hybrid manicure
  • How to execute a manicure in the express manicure scheme
  • How to perform a hybrid manicure in the French version

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Obtaining a certificate from a Gel nails manicure course is essential. It validates your skills and expertise, boosting your credibility in the highly competitive world of nail stylist. Moreover, it can elevate your career opportunities, setting you apart from those without formal education. Importantly, the value of these certificates remains steadfast over the years, symbolizing your consistent commitment to professional growth.

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