Do you want to have pretty nails, but do not know how to do it or what you need?

We will help you! You may think that nails are not that important – but there is quite the opposite. Our nails, hair and clothes give us the strength to fight against the adversities we face every day.

We hope that you too want to make a difference and put yourself in a winning position. You can find plenty of articles, video tutorials or nail styling courses on the internet. But are you sure that you can really get a professional manicure by yourself?

Having well-groomed nails is something that simply improves a woman’s mood. If we have short and unpainted nails, we might feel a little insecure. Why spoil your day with something that can be fixed so easily? Remember that sometimes we need to find time just for ourselves.

Women usually have some idea about how they want their nails to be done. It does not have to be anything specific – but we like soft and bright colors, and embellishments.

The varnishes of different colors

We either paint our nails with regular varnishes, or we cannot imagine anything else but applying so-called hybrids.

We must know our inclinations and have a strong opinion, otherwise it will be difficult for us to find and do the nails of our dreams. It is important to keep in mind that fashionable nails will not always fit into our taste and there is nothing wrong with that. We can draw inspiration from it.

So, before we even sort through the available patterns, let’s think about our expectations and make some simple decisions.

It will then be easier to hand them over to a beautician or save time while getting your nails done by yourself.

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Do fashionable nails have to be long?

Women often think that, if they want to have nice nails, they should have very long nails. That is why they often decide to get various forms of nail extensions.

Nothing could be further from the truth – the length should fit our lifestyle and expectations. Do not opt for something that does not suit you.

After all, a mother also wants to take care of her child, and she cannot allow herself to accidentally hurt the delicate skin of her boy or girl with a very long nail. Here, taking care of yourself is especially important – it is easy to take care of the needs of the child and thus forget about your own.

If you like a certain nail design idea, you can readily do it – or have it done – even on short nail plates. There are many methods of nail extensions, such as gel or acrylic.

Let’s not worry about the fact that our friends can function with longer nails – everyone may feel comfortable, and we do not have to blindly follow trends.

However, there are some women that prefer long nails. If they do not interfere with our everyday life and we can function in such a way that we rarely break them, there is no reason to avoid getting nail extensions.

However, consider doing hybrid nails – they are more durable and will last longer.

And what shape is the most fashionable?

Fortunately, when it comes to shapes, there is a lot to choose from. It is easy to find designs for square, oval and pointed nail plates.

You can also round off the nails’ edges or trim a nail plate if you dislike something.

It is best to experiment a bit.

Hand with manicure

Here you can find a few tips that may make this decision easier and suggest how to match the shape of your nails to the appearance of your fingers and whole hand.

Do not forget that nail designs can also apply to the feet, so you should choose a shape for your toes too. This should be much easier because we do not have that much choice there. Most women opt for short and square nails, which are easy to paint.

Fashionable hybrid nails – why are they better than regular nails?

Nowadays, hardly any woman uses ordinary varnish. Oven a dozen years ago this would not be strange at all, although today we can see many disadvantages of such a solution.

It is all about its durability – such a varnish simply does not stick on the nails. Even using a fixative one does not help much.

That is why hybrid varnishes became so popular. Yes, it takes longer to apply, but it is more durable and, with good preparation of the nail plate, it can last for over two weeks. This is excellent news for those women who simply do not have time to take care of their nails but want to have pretty hands.

Hybrid nails can be decorated in the same way as with regular nail polish – there are no limitations here. Nowadays, you can buy any color of varnish you want.

You can get your hybrid nails done even at home, but for that you will need a specialized lamp and some accessories.

Nail ideas change every year

The nail market works the same as the world of fashion or jewelry. Every year we deal with new trends, we like something else, and we want to change our nails habits.

After all, no one wants to have the same boring nails forever – especially since we have so many various options.

In this case, trends are also very important. We start dressing differently, because things constantly become passé. That is why we must repeatedly change the style of our nails and match them to the new outfits.

Hand with flower manicure

It is certainly much easier than with clothes because it is cheaper to change the color or pattern of the nail plates.

When browsing nail designs, choose only those ideas that you like. Women often try trendy manicures – and then it turns out they feel bad about it and just do not want to keep wearing it.

You should not do that because it is just an unnecessary expense. If it is not required, for example by work, do not do it.

After all, it is your hands and if you like a particular design – be sure to ask your beautician to make one.

Also, you need to know that most women do not follow these trends regularly.

Quite a few of us simply browse through such lists for inspiration – but in the end, we simply choose what we like best.

And what was the main idea for nail art in 2018?

In 2018, the focus was mainly on soft colors and minimalist designs. In the summer and spring months, floral motifs were quite popular, so women asked for this kind of decorations on their nails.

In fact, every year during this period we can see that these embellishments become more popular.

Among the neutral colors mentioned, pink, beige, and gray were the most popular choices. These are the colors that can be worn both to work and private meetings – so women continue to use them often. They fit every nail shape and length. They can be easily matched with designs.

What kind of fashionable nails did 2019 offer us?

A year later, it was clear that women were getting better at creating new designs and therefore their interest in bolder ideas was increasing.

They slowly got bored with soft colors, so they tried to freshen them using various accessories: glitter, zircons, pearls.

It turns out that even using these kinds of embellishments we can still look elegant, and employers no longer have an issue with makeup and nail decoration on the hands of their employees.

The fashion world is evolving, and so is our society – we are more open to the new. You can see the inspiration on free online photo bank about photos related to nails and style.

Hands with red manicure doing knitting

In 2019, coral has been considered as the most fashionable color and therefore it has replaced the beige and gray previously “reigning” on nails.

It was decided that apricot, peach, and coral would dominate our nails that season.

Subtle dots, stripes and geometric patterns were the most fashionable designs. It is easy to make such decorations even when you paint your nails yourself, so women were eager to use it. They could look fashionable with little effort.

In 2019, many designers used glitter and that is why it also made its way to nails and the makeup world. Just a little glitter will give your nails an original look.

However, an even more interesting trend was the return to the roots – women once again wore so-called mom jeans and short tops, and there was also the rather controversial idea of using artificial nails.

Tips have been out of favor for years, but in 2019 you could see their return for a while.

Did 2020 have other ideas for pretty nails?

In 2020 we saw that women increasingly chose short nails and expressive colors. Purple, green and blood red predominated here.

This way, you can accentuate your evening outfit or just break up a little bit of your everyday look that does not include many accessories.

And what nail designs were trending then? In 2020, there was a trend to decorate the plate with astrological symbols. So, women chose originality and asked their beautician to put their sun sign on the nail. Often there was also a star motif.

Most talented nail stylists were able to create a real work of art on the nail plates. Some drawings were so clear and realistic that you did not want to remove them afterwards.

It takes real talent to do something like this, so it is always a good idea to use the services of professional beauty salons.

And what nail inspiration does 2022 have for us?

It looks like we will revisit some trends in 2022 that have been with us before. This is perfectly normal because we usually need a little break to remind ourselves that the old solutions had a lot of charm. For example, we can see a French manicure on the hands again.

Hand holding feather

There is probably no woman not familiar with this way of painting nails. In its standard version, however, we deal mainly with soft colors – and the tip is usually white. In 2022, however, the approach in this area is a bit different.

Now such nails are painted mainly in very vivid neon colors. So, there is no question of boredom and repetition of patterns – we take what is universal and transform it into a completely new solution. You can read more about it here.

An idea for holiday nails – all the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow manicure

In 2022, creating nails’ look will be much easier for those women who can never decide on a particular color for their nails. Why?

Because they no longer have to choose anything – now they can simply paint each nail in a different color. This will be both fashionable and original.

Such an idea for nails will be much easier to implement at a beautician because she has a full set of colors. You will be forced to buy 5 or even 10 different bottles of nail polishes, and this is quite an expense.

We recommend you buy hybrid varnishes because they are much more durable. Here are several options for painting your nails in different colors.

Don’t forget to share photos of your nails on Instagram. You can edit your photos with the best online graphics programs.

Are green nails cool?

In 2022, yes! Over the years, we can see that green has not been very popular when it comes to painting nails.

Why? The main reason here is that it sometimes gives your hands an unhealthy look. However, it all depends on the shade, so we finally gave it a chance.

Hand with green hybrid manicure

This year green is more and more often present on women’s hands. We like bottle green and pistachio green.

Even if we are not completely convinced, it is worth trying this manicure at least once.

Velvet nails

An absolute hit at the end of 2020 are nails that look like velvet. We can already see that this trend is still alive and does well – women are constantly searching online for ways to achieve a velvet effect.

Such nails look nice, elegant, and very original.

And how can you do it? The easiest way is to buy a special powder, which guarantees such an effect.

However, you can also find a shimmering nail polish and a top coat for hybrid nails – in both cases, making velvet nails should not be difficult.

However, if you feel that you are not able to do it yourself or do not want to risk a mistake, ask your beautician for such a manicure.

Such nail designs work very well for bigger occasions – Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s Eve. Read about it here.

How about fashionable nails with animal motives?

The problem with animal designs on nails is that we are not quite ready to take that risk.

Depending on the talent of the person doing this manicure, our nails can look either pretty and sexy or very kitsch. That is why we are often not entirely comfortable with it.

In 2022, however, we recommend you take a risk – find a good beauty salon and ask for zebra stripes or cow patches on your nails.

Perhaps you will like the net effect more than you think? You should be prepared that your friends will ask you about the place where you had such interesting nails done.

There is always an idea for red nails too

No matter what year it is now – there is always a good time for red nails. It is a universal color which always looks good on women’s hands.

Red can be both elegant and wild – it will suit any of your outfits!

Hand with red manicure holding a rose

This classic color also has many variations available because we can choose strong reds – cherries or burgundy – and more delicate ones, falling into coral. This tint will look good both on long and short nails.

We encourage you to take a look at the most interesting ways to paint your nails red, which you can find here.

Based on the currently emerging trends, beauticians already predict that navy blue will be the most fashionable color in the winter of 2022.

But it will not necessarily be just a dull and soft color – it will also include white stripes and patterns that will make such a manicure much more interesting.

However, this is not the only darker color that will work well this winter – we can then choose any such color, because we mainly care about a dark background.

And why? Because it is the one that snowflakes, snowmen and other similar winter designs will look best on. It is a real hit every year.

The same goes for brocade, which you can also use later for New Year’s Eve’s party. Blacks, like reds, never go out of style. You can find an interesting idea for black nails here.

How about white nails?

It turns out that black is not the only color that works every time – white varnishes do the same.

Women are still a little hesitant and usually opt for something more concrete and clearer. If you have pale skin, white will look bad on you.

Therefore, in 2022 women try to remove a spell and make a use of white by adding to it some embellishments. On such a neutral background you can create practically anything, so this is a great option for women of all ages. You can also match such a pattern with a particular occasion.

Silver and gold ornaments are a great option, as well as small pictures showing, for example, the outline of the face. The more confident the beautician feels in that field, the better the final effect can be obtained.

If you do not have an idea at all, you can look for inspiration here.

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