We all dream of beautiful, well-groomed nails, but unfortunately, professional nail styling services are not always readily available. There’s no reason to give up on the dream of stunning nail art – we can learn to do it ourselves. Whether opting for nail styling courses or drawing inspiration from fascinating online tutorials, the key is to start from the basics.


Why opt for simple designs? Primarily, they are excellent for two reasons: easy to execute, make it beginner-friendly, and simultaneously deliver a stunning effect. Mastering simple patterns is a crucial step in the world of nail art. Beginners can start with the fundamental steps, gaining confidence and experience before progressing to more complex projects.


For those leaning towards a more structured approach, nail styling courses offer comprehensive training, demonstrating the use of various techniques and tools to create diverse patterns. These courses provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills immediately applicable in a home nail salon.


Conversely, for those who prefer a more relaxed approach, the vast array of inspiring online videos can be an endless source of creativity. Step-by-step virtual tutorials, experiences shared by fellow manicure enthusiasts, or even ideas from professional nail stylists allow for skill development at one’s own pace.


Let simplicity be our ally at the beginning of this creative journey.


In a nutshell, simplicity is often the best solution. A line can be an excellent addition to both minimalist, monochromatic stylings and more advanced, multicolored nail patterns. To create the perfect line, use a brush and acrylic paint for flexibility in corrections. If dissatisfied with the result, a bit of water is all it takes to remove the pattern. However, if you achieve a satisfying outcome, secure the paint with a layer of clear nail polish. An innovative approach is also using stickers – easy to apply with just tweezers. Stickers also allow for pattern creation using nail polish. After painting the design, the sticker can be easily removed. Experiment with different techniques and patterns to develop your skills. Increased practice will enable you to master more advanced techniques in the future.

Fashionable feminine art, beautiful unique nail manicure on a blue background

Polka Dots for Nails


A light, feminine style perfect for lovers of simplicity. After applying the base nail color, start creating dots. The size, placement, and colors are entirely arbitrary, with no need to adhere strictly to defined boundaries. Choose contrasting colors for a unique character. In case of uncertainty about color choices, online color wheels can help create harmonious combinations. To achieve this nail art, use a specialized dotting tool or a brush. There’s no need to cover the entire nail surface – sometimes, a well-placed dot can create an extraordinary effect.


Remember that nail art doesn’t always have to be sophisticated and complicated, especially when creating dots. It’s a simple yet striking way to emphasize your style and add a touch of creativity to your everyday look. Experiment with different colors and dot placements to find a unique, personal nail design.

Female hands with polished nails. Woman gentle hands with red hearts and dots design manicure on white wooden background close up.

Stars, Flowers, Hearts, Leaves


Does the above list of nail decorations sound commonplace to you? Nothing could be further from the truth. These are patterns that are very easy to create using a brush or dotting tool, as well as stickers. Stars make a perfect decoration for a Christmas dinner, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and flowers for the spring-summer season. Autumn stylization can be complemented with leaf patterns. We’re not talking about advanced, intricate designs here. Utilize the techniques learned earlier – dots and lines.


With just three dots, you can create an elegant heart that you can easily customize to your preferences. Gently drag them for different effects – from small, subtle patterns to more intricate compositions covering the entire nail surface. If you’re in the mood for stars, just five precise strokes, filled in or styled as snowflakes (ensuring lines don’t connect), can achieve the desired look.


Flowers, as charming accents in nail art, emerge from dots placed around one central dot. It’s essential to make the central dot slightly larger and in a different color to enhance contrast. Creating flowers is not only creative but also allows experimentation with various shades and shapes.


For delicate leaves, combine lines and dots. Draw a line at an angle and place dots around it, dragging them towards it to create the leaf effect. The combination of lines and dots adds elegance and subtlety to nail art. As evident, utilizing these techniques transforms nail art into refined designs, far from a childish style, enabling the creation of unique and adult patterns.


Similarly to the line technique, you can use acrylic paints instead of nail polish. Each nail art design may require some hand skill. If you lack it, opt for paints, which are easily modifiable, as opposed to polish, which is less forgiving of errors. Remember to protect the finished pattern with clear nail polish or top coat.



Woman nails in wooden background. Wedding manicure

Water Marble



This is an intriguing technique worthy of attention. Nail art using water is a fascinating endeavor that requires careful preparation. The first step is adequately protecting the area around the nails. This can be achieved by using flexible peel-off rubber applied directly to the skin around the nails or U-shaped cuticle protectors tailored to the individual nail shape.


Next, on the water surface, create the desired pattern using various colors of nail polish. For optimal results, it is recommended to use at least three different colors. After forming the pattern, you can modify it using a stick by moving it from the center to the edges. Subsequently, dip the nails into the water, allowing the pattern to transfer onto the nails.


This advanced nail art method ensures a unique pattern on each nail. To ensure satisfactory results, use cool but not icy water, preferably filtered. The polish consistency should be thin, and when creating the pattern, work precisely on the surface without flooding it with water. Experimenting with this nail art technique several times will lead to perfecting the creation of unique and impressive patterns.


Templates, Stamps, Stickers


If you want to have beautiful nail art but lack confidence in hand-painting, you can rely on other techniques. If you’re not adept at painting, use stamping plates instead of struggling with a brush. To use them correctly, equip yourself with a stamp, preferably silicone, a scraper, and the plate itself. Creating nail art with such a set is simple once you learn to use the tools correctly. For a satisfactory result, clean the plate with a cleaner. Then apply the chosen color to the plate, spreading it across with a scraper. Remember to remove excess product. Next, apply the stamp, pressing lightly for a clear pattern. Transfer the pattern to the nail. Seemingly advanced nail art is now ready!


Stickers make this process even simpler. Similar to stamping plates, you don’t need artistic skills to use them. The best choice is water stickers, reminiscent of temporary tattoos from childhood. After painting the nail, select and cut out a design from the sticker collection. Then moisten the sticker until it easily peels off the paper. Apply the pattern to the nail, press lightly, and seal it with clear polish.


Templates represent another shortcut in nail art. They often come in collective sheets. Choose interesting patterns and peel them off the foil, preferably using tweezers. Transfer the template to the painted base nail. Press the design to ensure it doesn’t lift from any part of the nail. Paint the nail with the selected color or colors. Wait for the polish to dry, then peel off the pattern. Seal the entire design with clear polish.


Nail Art Stamping process. Manicure master makes Stamping with nail gel polish, Stamping Plates and Transparent Stamper Scraper

Other Simple Nail Art


If you are someone who is constantly pressed for time but still wants attractive nail art, opt for ready-made polishes or accessories. Velvety or suede stylizations are an interesting effect that will surely catch the eye with its extraordinary appearance. Creating them is simple. To achieve the velvet effect, use powders available as ready-made products in stores. Apply a thin layer of nail polish to the nail, and before it dries, dip it in the fur, ensuring full coverage. It’s best to choose a powder color close to or the same as your selected nail polish. Remove excess product with a brush.


Another option is holographic or metallic powders. If you want to achieve a petrol effect or gentle transitions like on metal, opt for this type of powder. On the painted (preferably dark) nail, rub the holographic powder with a sponge. There’s no need to seal them with a top coat as it may dull the effect. If you love colorful, shiny nails, this decoration is perfect for you. If you prefer a different effect, try exploring various powders. On the market, you can find those that create a matte effect, a rainbow, or even a mirror. Test a few and find your quick way to nail art.


Сollection of acrylic powder different colors for nails closeup. Shallow depth of field

Create, Have Fun, and Act!


Nail art is a creative form of self-expression available to everyone, regardless of experience level. Simple patterns provide a robust foundation for anyone beginning their adventure with nail styling. Whether opting for lines, dots, or more intricate designs, the key is experimentation and finding joy in the creative process.


Remember that nail art is not just a way to showcase your creativity but also a moment for relaxation and self-care. Therefore, take a moment for this daily art that emphasizes your individuality.


We encourage you to try different techniques, share your creations on social platforms, and draw inspiration from fellow enthusiasts. Let your nails speak about you and shine with unique brilliance!

Highlight your uniqueness because, in the world of nail art, every drop of colorful polish creates a personal, artistic image.






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