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Feeling spent from seemingly endless and unstimulating lessons? What if I told you there’s a way for you to learn superior Therapeutic massage techniques without breaking the bank on fruitless traditional courses or wasting hours stuck in traffic?

Just as with every other massage enthusiast, your ambition is to evolve your passion into a profitable operation, but obstacles consistently stand in your way:

  financial outlay necessary for orthodox massage programs

  sparse local options for massage training

  deficiency of time and enthusiasm for commuting

  resources aren’t available after the training session

  the failure to examine meticulously every facet of the executed massages

We have the answer!

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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Allow us to present Joan, a skilled massage therapist with an exceptional track record in physiotherapy. She’s an honored graduate from the prestigious Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain, and holds the acclaimed title of an international wellness mentor.


She specializes in classic massage, calming relaxation massages, and the traditional techniques of Far Eastern massages. Presently, Joan effectively operates her own physiotherapy business and disseminates her knowledge through training workshops for emerging masseurs.

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I highly recommend it, a very interesting course, and I gained a lot of necessary knowledge. If someone is wondering whether to buy it, it’s worth it, even for reviewing massage therapist exam materials.



Self-paced Course

Unlock Your Potential in the Art of Therapeutic Massage with this exclusive massage course.

If you have a keen interest in the art of massage and aspire to become a skilled professional, look no further than our Therapeutic Massage course. Fulfill your dreams as you gain practical knowledge and expertise in this specialized massage practice. Learn the correct techniques and essential points of focus to deliver exceptional therapeutic massages.

With convenient accessibility, you can familiarize yourself with the nuances of Therapeutic Massage at your convenience, anytime and anywhere you wish. Get ready to embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming a proficient practitioner in the world of Therapeutic Massage!

Preliminary Information
Diagnostic with Fascial Stretching
Stretching from the Spine to the Pectoral Line
Diagnostic for the Erector Spinae
Applying Pressure to Painful Areas
Movement of Deep Tissue Massage Techniques
Massage at the Midline Glide
Integrating Techniques from Swedish Massage
Scapula Elevating and Adjacent Muscle Stretching Technique
Stretching Muscles Adjacent to the Ribs
Diagnostic of the Rhomboid Muscles
Perform a Therapeutic massage on your close ones or friends
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Anatomy map for massage therapists

Utilizing this exhaustive map of anatomy, you’ll grasp the human body components vital to a proficient massage therapist. Uncover all essential muscles and bones. Learn about human joints and ligaments. Feel confident in determining the needs of your clients.


CertificateTherapeutic massage

zł 99

  • Performing a sample therapeutic massage routine
  • Conducting pre-massage diagnostics
  • Sample techniques to apply for specific conditions
  • Which conditions each technique can help with
  • Areas to avoid during a massage
  • When to refrain from using certain techniques
  • How to blend therapeutic and Swedish massage techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately start your educational journey with our massage class that maximizes the benefits of e-learning. The course is open for access at any time, enabling you to study at your convenience. You will have unlimited access to all the course resources, allowing you to progress at your own speed and revisit the course at any time in the future, even after you’ve completed it.

This course is principally tailored for individuals with a fundamental knowledge of massage. Yet, those without previous experience can also complete the course successfully, provided they have a strong interest and passion for the subject.

Obtaining a Therapeutic Massage course certificate is essential. It validates your expertise and proficiency, enhancing your credibility in the highly competitive massage industry. It also broadens your job prospects, as it sets you apart from those without formal certification. Importantly, these certificates preserve their worth over time, representing your continuous dedication to improving your skills.

There’s no compulsion. You can successfully complete the Therapeutic Massage course entirely using your smartphone.

However, if you own a computer or tablet, it’s an added advantage – they can be utilized for the course as well.

The Therapeutic Massage course is designed in such a manner that you won’t need to directly interact with the course creator. Our proficient team will assess your tasks and exercises, highlight errors, and provide feedback. Plus, you’ll have unrestricted access to supportive materials and customer service.

Before initiating any massage, ensure that neither you nor the recipient have any health contradictions that could cause harm or pain. Don’t implement methods that aren’t fully safe for both you and the recipient. Be careful and don’t exert undue force. Ensure that the equipment you utilize is not only secure but also not too hot. The Kemp Center doesn’t guarantee full compliance with all jurisdictions’ laws. When carrying out professional activities, make sure to abide by your local regulations and act as per your individual legal circumstances.

The content for the Therapeutic Massage course on our platform is available with no limitations. It’s structured for effortless browsing and returning to particular topics. Additionally, there are extra course materials that you have the option to download.

Positively. As you are proceeding with your payment, select the right choice and key in your corporation’s information.