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Are you weary from long-drawn and monotonous classes? How would you feel if I hinted at the prospect of acquiring the art of amazing Swedish massage without emptying your wallet on ineffective face-to-face lessons or squandering time in commute?

Like all massage fans, you have a goal to turn your zeal into a lucrative project, yet you continually face complications:

  funding required for traditional massage education

  limited availability of local massage instruction courses

  shortage of both time and inclination for transit

  materials are inaccessible after the training phase

  the inability to delve deeply into each detail of the performed massages

We have your answer!

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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Let’s welcome Joan, a practiced massage therapist with a significant background in physiotherapy. An honored alumnus of the famous Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain, she also carries the esteemed status of an international wellness coach.


Her illustrious career spans working at top-tier spa centers in both Great Britain and Gibraltar. Currently, Joan runs her own successful physiotherapy clinic, consistently providing superior therapeutic care. She also actively shares her expertise through training sessions for aspiring masseurs.

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Self-paced Course

Master the art of Swedish massage with this exclusive massage course.

Are you interested in the art of massage and would like to perform it like a professional? With our Swedish massage course, you can fulfill your dreams! Gain practical knowledge about this type of massage. Learn how to perform it correctly and what to pay attention to.

With interactive exercise modules, instructional videos, and information from a massage expert available on our platform, you can familiarize yourself with Swedish massage whenever and wherever you want.

Preparing the treatment area
Effleurage (stroking)
Finger pad friction
Palm friction
Working on the shoulder blades
Working on the bony processes of the spine
Petrissage (kneading)
Perform a Swedish massage on your close ones or friends
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Valuable certification

The understanding you obtain from the course will be attested by a completion certificate, likely to make a favorable mark on prospective employers and clients.

Anatomy map for massage therapists

With this thorough anatomical diagram, you’ll comprehend the human body parts necessary for a skilled massage therapist. Identify every major muscle and bone. Understand the human joints and ligaments. Gain self-assurance in ascertaining your client’s needs.


Certificate Swedish massage


zł 99

  • Preparing the body surface for the massage
  • Various massage techniques - from hand massage to finger pad techniques
  • Rubbing and stroking techniques in massage
  • Areas to avoid during a massage
  • Massage in the spinal and scapular regions
  • How to perform a Swedish massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch your learning process now with our massage course that optimizes the advantages of digital education. The course is open 24/7, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your pace. We offer eternal access to all course materials, so you can complete it at a comfortable speed and come back to the course whenever you desire, even after completion.

This training is chiefly intended for those who have a basic comprehension of massage. Nonetheless, individuals with no prior experience can also flourish in this course, as long as they demonstrate keen curiosity and fervor for the topic.

Securing a certificate from a Swedish Massage course is crucial. It verifies your abilities and strengths, enhancing your reliability in the fiercely competitive massage industry. Additionally, it can augment your career prospects, distinguishing you from those who don’t possess formal training. Notably, these certificates uphold their significance over time, signifying your unwavering dedication to skill enhancement.

It’s not required. You can fully accomplish the Swedish Massage course solely with your smartphone.

But, if you can get hold of a computer or tablet, that’s a boon – they can be used for the course too.

The Swedish Massage course is structured in a way that eliminates the necessity for direct communication with the course author. Our skilled team will evaluate your assignments and exercises, identify inaccuracies, and offer feedback. Furthermore, you will enjoy unlimited access to resources and customer support.

Before performing any massage, verify that neither you nor the recipient have any health issues that could lead to damage or distress. Refrain from utilizing techniques that aren’t entirely safe for you and the recipient. Be mindful and avoid applying too much pressure. Ensure that the apparatus you employ is safe and not too hot. The Kemp Center can’t promise full accordance with every jurisdiction’s laws. When it comes to professional endeavors, you’re required to comply with your local laws and act in accordance with your unique legal situation.

You can access the Swedish Massage course material on our platform without any barriers. The content is laid out for straightforward navigation and revisiting specific subjects. There are also additional course resources that you can download.

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