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  monetary commitment essential for regular massage courses

  insufficiency of massage classes in the immediate vicinity

  dearth of time and the desire for commuting

  no provision of resources post the training period

  the hindrance in closely inspecting each aspect of the massage techniques executed

We hold the key!

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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Joan’s notable career trajectory includes serving at distinguished spa centers in both Great Britain and Gibraltar. Here, she provided exclusive care to VIP clients and proficiently ran the operations of a flourishing wellness facility.


Joan specializes in classic massage, calming relaxation massages, and the traditional techniques of Far Eastern massages. Presently, Joan operates her own physiotherapy clinic, delivering excellent therapeutic care to her clients. In addition, she generously shares her wisdom through training programs for aspiring massage therapists, ensuring her expertise is passed down to the future generation of practitioners.

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Self-paced Course

If you’re passionate about massage and wish to become a proficient professional, our exclusive Sports Massage course provides the ideal platform to advance your skills. Delve into the vibrant universe of Sports Massage, where you’ll learn to employ specialized techniques tailored for athletes and those leading active lives.

Grab this opportunity to dive into the thrilling domain of Sports Massage and realize your full potential as a massage professional. Sign up today and embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming a virtuoso in the field of Sports Massage.

Introduction, preliminary information
Preparation for the massage
Preliminary techniques: stroking, kneading
Kneading, including combing, and single and double-handed stroking
Forearm kneading for the back straightener
Scapula treatment
Using Chinese cupping in sports massage
Massage technique cycles and repetitions
Tapping, paddling over the quadratus muscle
Spooning tapotement at rib level
Lower limb massage and techniques for lower limb massage
Kneading the hamstring muscles group
Perform a Sports massage on your close ones or friends
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Anatomy map for massage therapists

Through this detailed chart of anatomy, you’ll acquire knowledge of the human body aspects that are key for a competent massage therapist. Unearth every crucial muscle and bone. Delve into the knowledge of human joints and ligaments. Grow confident in spotting your client’s needs.


Certificate Sports massage


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  • Getting familiar with information about Sports massage - how, why, and where to apply it.
  • Performing a Sports massage
  • Knowledge of which techniques to use in sports massage
  • Muscles to focus on and avoid during sports massage
  • Who sports massage is addressed to
  • What sports massage entails

Frequently Asked Questions

Begin your learning journey instantly with our online massage class, fully utilizing the e-learning format. The course is available around the clock, so you can access the materials when it suits you best. You’ll have ongoing access to all resources, enabling you to learn at your own pace and return to the course in the future, even after you’ve finished.

The course is predominantly aimed at individuals with a basic acquaintance with massage techniques. However, anyone, even without prior experience, can effectively complete the course if they exhibit a keen interest and enthusiasm in the area.

Obtaining a certificate from a Sports Massage course is essential. It validates your competencies and aptitudes, increasing your credibility in the highly competitive field of massage. This credential can also boost your career prospects, setting you apart from those without formal certification. Importantly, these certificates sustain their worth over time, signifying your consistent commitment to honing your skills.

It’s not required. You can fully accomplish the Sports Massage course solely with your smartphone. But, if you can get hold of a computer or tablet, that’s a boon – they can be used for the course too.

The Sports Massage course is fashioned in a way that direct contact with the course author isn’t required. Our adept team will scrutinize your assignments and exercises, pinpoint mistakes, and deliver feedback. Moreover, you will be granted limitless access to support materials and customer service.

Prior to giving any massage, confirm that both you and the recipient lack health contraindications that could bring about harm or discomfort. Don’t adopt techniques that aren’t fully safe for both parties involved. Be considerate and avoid applying an excessive amount of force. Make sure the tools you employ are safe and not overly heated. The Kemp Center doesn’t assure full agreement with every jurisdiction’s rules. When partaking in professional duties, it’s critical to respect your local regulations and behave in line with your individual legal context.

The Sports Massage course material on our platform is open to all without restrictions. It’s arranged for easy exploration and reviewing certain topics. Also, you can download extra course materials.

Absolutely. As you make your payment, opt for the suitable choice and input your business’s information.