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Just like any other massage lover, your dream is to spin your passion into a profitable undertaking, but stumbling blocks constantly appear:

  capital allocation needed for standard massage training

  dearth of community-based massage programs

  absence of both time and readiness for travel

  absence of materials once the training concludes

  the limitation in keenly observing every minute detail of the administered massages

We have the resolution!

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Practical Knowledge

Professional accomplishments are near at hand with our competent instructors and experiential learning. Ditch the excess theory!


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Disclose expert counsel, approaches, and maneuvers from industry leaders to raise your success to its apex.



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The course terminates with a certificate confirming your newly acquired capabilities. Earn this to excel in the employment landscape and to create new opportunities for career progression.



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We constantly update our course content to endow you with the most recent information and high-grade knowledge.



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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Get to know Joan, an accomplished massage therapist with a noteworthy history in physiotherapy. She’s a distinguished alumna of the famous Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain, and she holds the respected title of an international wellness facilitator.


Joan’s proficiencies lie in classic massage, tranquil relaxation massages, and the intricate art of Far East massages. Currently, Joan manages her own physiotherapy center, where she consistently delivers high-quality therapeutic care. Additionally, she shares her valuable knowledge by conducting training sessions for upcoming masseurs, ensuring her skills are passed down to the new generation of massage practitioners.

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I highly recommend it, a very interesting course, and I gained a lot of necessary knowledge. If someone is wondering whether to buy it, it’s worth it, even for reviewing massage therapist exam materials.


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A very good facility. The massage course was conducted excellently, and the content was delivered in a reliable and easy-to-remember manner. The course instructor had extensive knowledge about massage and was able to convey it in a way that made the material quickly assimilated. I highly recommend the massage course at the KEMP Center.


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I am very satisfied with this course. All topics and exercises were conducted clearly and comprehensibly. If someone wants to gain knowledge about massage, this course will meet your expectations. I highly recommend it.



Self-paced Course

If you are passionate about delivering deeply soothing massages and aim to become a proficient practitioner, our exclusive Relaxation Massage course serves as the perfect platform to boost your skills.

Plunge into the realm of relaxation methods and uncover the prowess of this specialized massage modality. Our seasoned mentors will accompany you throughout this journey, providing valuable wisdom and customized feedback, ensuring you gain mastery in the art of delivering truly revitalizing relaxation massages.

Unleash the complete potential of this traditional technique and make a unique mark in the industry by offering your clients an enhanced and supremely comforting massage experience. Enroll today in our Relaxation Massage course and set off on a rewarding adventure towards mastering this transformative and in-demand skill.

Preparation for the massage, application of a lubricant
Back massage
Rubbing of the back extensor muscles
Back massage with gluteal entry
Neck area massage
Back rubbing using a towel
Lower limb massage.
Upper limb massage.
Perform a Relaxation Massage on your close ones or friends
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

See for yourself

Come, be an integral part of our community

Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Step into the intriguing world of massage courses, offered in a mesmerizing and engaging style.

Practical lessons to make you a pro

Begin an odyssey through a territory rich with profound educational content, rendered in a mesmerizing and enthralling manner.

Learning tools for professionals

Find out about tailored learning materials for professionals, built to uplift their insights and proficiencies.

Practical skills

Hone real-life skills through actionable drills and uses, prepping you for achievement in your chosen career.

Lifetime access to the course – Full access 24/7, Available on any devices

24/7 Full availability, accessible on all devices: Revel in unending education with lifetime course access, offering you the flexibility to learn at your leisure, anywhere, and on any device.

You can gain even more!


Join our ranks and obtain a course reward that will amplify the knowledge you obtain during the learning phase!

Valuable certification

The expertise you procure from the course will be substantiated with a certificate of completion, bound to leave a beneficial impression on prospective employers and customers.

Anatomy map for massage therapists

Utilize this comprehensive anatomical map to learn the components of the human body that a proficient massage therapist needs to know. Discover all the important muscles and bones. Learn about the human joints and ligaments. Become confident in identifying your clients’ needs.


Certificate Relaxation massage


zł 99

  • Identyfying clients' needs
  • Creating perfect relaxation massage environment
  • Choosing right massage techniques
  • Adjusting massage techniques to your clients' needs
  • Performing a Relaxation Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into learning straight away with our massage class, benefiting from the e-learning model. It’s available 24/7, offering you the liberty to learn at your leisure. We grant unlimited lifetime access to all the course materials, allowing you to proceed at your rhythm and revisit the course whenever you wish, even after completion.

This program is essentially developed for people who already possess a rudimentary understanding of massage. However, even those devoid of any prior knowledge can effectively navigate the course, provided they exhibit a keen interest and eagerness about the topic.

Securing a certificate from a Relaxation Massage course is of utmost importance. It substantiates your skills and strengths, enhancing your reliability in the intensely competitive massage industry. Additionally, it can broaden your job prospects, differentiating you from those who lack formal training. Notably, these certificates preserve their significance over time, indicating your unwavering dedication to skill enhancement.

It’s not a must. You can entirely finish the Relaxation Massage course with just your smartphone.

However, if a computer or tablet is available, it’s a benefit – they can be employed for the course as well.

The Relaxation Massage course is crafted such that it doesn’t necessitate direct interaction with the course creator. Our expert panel will examine your tasks and exercises, spot errors, and provide constructive feedback. Additionally, you’ll have unbounded access to helping materials and customer assistance.

Before administering any massage, ascertain that neither you nor the recipient possess any health conditions that might inflict harm or pain. Do not execute techniques that aren’t entirely safe for both you and the recipient. Be gentle and refrain from applying excessive pressure. Confirm that the gear you’re using is safe and maintains a suitable temperature. The Kemp Center doesn’t guarantee total compliance with all legal jurisdictions. As it pertains to professional conduct, you’re required to adhere to your local regulations and operate based on your personal legal standing.

The Relaxation Massage course content on the platform is accessible without any restrictions. It’s organized for easy navigation and revisiting specific topics. Also, there are supplementary course materials that you can download.

Absolutely. As you handle your payment, go for the correct choice and put in your business’s information.