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Tired from protracted and dull lessons? How would you respond if I suggested that you can learn to provide exceptional massages without making hefty investments in inefficient traditional classes or spending hours commuting?

As with any massage enthusiast, you yearn to make your passion a profitable endeavor, but constantly find yourself grappling with obstacles:

  financial resources demanded for traditional massage instruction

  deficiency of massage courses in the local area

  limited availability of time and eagerness for transportation

  lack of access to resources after the completion of training

  the difficulty in closely studying every individual element of the carried out massages

We have the resolution!

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Professional victory is within your reach with our instructors and hands-on exercises. Do away with excessive theory!


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Unveil specialist advice, methods, and tactics from seasoned industry figures to escalate your achievement to its zenith.



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The course terminates with a certificate confirming your newly acquired capabilities. Earn this to excel in the employment landscape and to create new opportunities for career progression.



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We habitually renew our course material to furnish you with the latest knowledge and superior quality data.



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A top-level platform, open to access from every corner of the globe and on all devices! Cherish the freedom of learning remotely from any location worldwide. Whether you’re at home, outdoors, or by the ocean, make learning easy on any gadget.



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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Meet Joan, a proficient massage therapist with a laudable history in physiotherapy. She’s a celebrated graduate of the renowned Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain and holds the eminent position of an international wellness advisor.


Her remarkable career has seen her serve at elite spa centers in both Great Britain and Gibraltar. Throughout her tenure, she provided specialized care to VIP patrons and efficiently managed the operations of a thriving wellness facility.

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Self-paced Course

If you’re passionate about massage therapy and aim to become a proficient professional, our exclusive Massage Therapist course offers an ideal platform to take your expertise to the next level. Dive into the refreshing realm of massage therapy.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain deeper understanding of the role of a massage therapist, the qualifications required to become one, and additional training opportunities, all guided by a seasoned professional from the industry. Acquire crucial knowledge about the duties and skills required to excel in the field of massage therapy, and explore the various routes available to advance your career through additional specialized training.

Seize this opportunity to delve into the thrilling world of massage therapy and unleash your full potential in the profession. Sign up today and embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming an expert in the field of massage therapy. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced therapist or a novice, this course will equip you with the skills to profoundly enhance your clients’ well-being and beauty.

Massage therapy - What is required and who is this job suitable for?
Who can become a massage therapist?
What will I gain from the course?
What to pay attention to in order not cause harm to the client?
Which mistakes you must avoid?
Podcast/interview with an expert about her work
Plan your career as Massage therapist
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Anatomy map for massage therapists

With this in-depth anatomical guide, you’ll grasp the elements of the human body that a skillful massage therapist must understand. Learn about every vital muscle and bone. Get acquainted with human joints and ligaments. Feel self-assured in identifying your client’s needs.


Certificate Practical aspects of a massage therapist's work

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  • Information about the work of a massage therapist
  • Details about the criteria one must meet to become a massage therapist.
  • Expert advice on working as a massage therapist
  • Insights related to practicing this profession
  • Valuable tips and guidance for the beginning of your career

Frequently Asked Questions

Embark on your education immediately with our massage class, exploiting the potential of e-learning. The course is open for access day or night, and with lifetime access to all course resources, you can complete it at your own tempo and review the course even post-completion.

This training is primarily structured for those who have a fundamental grasp of massage. Yet, even complete beginners can successfully finish the course, assuming they harbor a keen interest and a zealous attitude towards the subject.

Acquiring a certificate from a Massage Therapist course is crucial. It validates your abilities and proficiency, strengthening your credibility in the fiercely competitive massage industry. This certification can also enhance your job opportunities, distinguishing you from those without formal qualifications. Importantly, these certificates retain their worth over time, representing your ongoing dedication to improving your skills.

There’s no necessity. The Massage Therapist course can be thoroughly completed using only your smartphone. But, if you have a computer or tablet accessible, that’s a plus – they can be utilized for the course too.

The Massage therapist course is devised in a manner that doesn’t demand direct contact with the course author. Our knowledgeable team will review your assignments and exercises, note down mistakes, and extend feedback. You will also have unrestricted access to assistive materials and customer support.

Before starting any massage, make certain that both you and the recipient are free of health contraindications that may induce harm or discomfort. Do not use techniques that aren’t completely safe for you and the recipient. Be soft and steer clear of exerting too much force. Confirm that the equipment you utilize is safe and maintains an appropriate temperature. The Kemp Center does not promise complete agreement with all jurisdictional rules. When engaging in professional activities, ensure you comply with your local norms and act based on your unique legal situation.

The content of the Massage therapist course on the platform is unrestrictedly accessible. It’s configured for simple maneuvering and re-examining particular subjects. Furthermore, there are auxiliary course materials for you to download.

Of course. While finalizing your payment, opt for the relevant choice and key in your enterprise’s data.