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Unleash your potential in the serene realm of massage therapy, and embark on a fulfilling journey of healing and well-being.

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Our comprehensive massage course package will lead you through the enchanting realm of relaxation, techniques, and rejuvenating practices. Benefit from the expertise of industry-leading professionals, who bring their years of experience and innovative insights right to your fingertips. This package offers a thoughtfully curated collection of courses, spanning from the fundamentals of anatomy and massage techniques to specialized therapies, advanced methods, and the latest industry trends.

Each course is meticulously crafted to provide a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, ensuring a well-rounded learning journey. Ideal for both massage enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills and aspiring therapists aiming for a professional path, these courses have the potential to unlock a new realm of creativity and opportunities. Don’t hesitate – elevate your massage expertise today!

Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Joan is a master of physiotherapy, a graduate of the prestigious Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain and holds the title of international wellness trainer.


She worked in leading spa centers in Great Britain and in Gibraltar, where she took care of VIP patients and managed the work of a wellness center.


Her specialty is classic massage, relaxing massage and far east massages. Currently, Joana runs her own physiotherapy practice and conducts training for masseurs.

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I am very satisfied with the online massage course I took. The acquired knowledge will be useful for me in the future. I sincerely recommend you to order a course on the topic of your choice, without leaving home you can expand your knowledge at the time of your choice. Greetings


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Very good facility. Massage course was conducted excellently, the content was passed in reliable and easy to remember way. Course leader with the great knowledge of massage, the knowledge that she has was able to pass in such a way that the material were quickly assimilated.


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Super course. A little difficult – sometimes:), but it gives a whole new perspective on the subject of massage, especially to a beginner layman like me. I’m glad I passed it.


Discover the art of Chinese Bubble Massage and master this soothing technique for a fulfilling career in massage therapy.
Experience the rejuvenating effects of a professional facial massage and learn the art of enhancing relaxation and skin health.
Immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of hot stone massage and learn how to harness the power of heated stones for ultimate relaxation and tension relief.
Become a skilled massage therapist and master the techniques of relaxation and healing through our comprehensive training program.
Experience the ultimate relaxation through our specialized relaxation massage techniques, designed to melt away stress and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Explore the realm of sports massage and learn how to apply targeted techniques to support athletes' performance, recovery, and overall well-being.
Discover the art of Swedish massage and master the classic techniques that promote relaxation, improve circulation, and enhance overall well-being.
Learn the principles and practices of therapeutic massage, and discover how to provide relief and healing to individuals through specialized techniques and skills.
Engage in hands-on practice sessions to apply and refine your massage skills, gaining confidence and expertise in providing effective therapeutic treatments.
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Discover specialized learning resources designed specifically for aspiring massage therapists enhance their knowledge and skills.

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Develop real-world massage skills through practical exercises and applications that prepare you for success in massage industry.

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Anatomy map for massage therapists

With this detailed anatomy map you will learn the human body elements that a skilled massage therapist needs to know. Discover every important muscle and bone. Get to know the human joints and ligaments. Get confident in identifying your client needs.


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Massage Course Exclusive Package


  • How to perform a massage routine
  • Correct technique for using accessories in massage
  • Applications of accessories in massage and its effects on the client's body
  • Various massage techniques - friction, effleurage, kneading
  • How to select areas of the body for performing massage
  • How to adapt movements for different techniques of massage
  • Conducting professional client consultations
  • Gaining insights into the business side of the massage industry

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re free to begin learning instantly. Our massage program makes full use of the perks of digital learning. The course materials are at your disposal 24/7, allowing you to learn at your convenience. You’ll have access to all course materials on a monthly basis, enabling you to work through them at a pace that suits you.

The course is set up with individuals having a basic understanding of massage in mind. But it’s not exclusive, as those with no prior experience can still complete the course, given that they have a fervent interest and desire to learn the subject.

The graduate of the massage class receives a certificate in printable digital form. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

No, it’s not a requirement. You can go through the entire course with your smartphone.

But if you have a computer or tablet at hand, it’s even better – they can be utilized for the course as well.

The design of the course doesn’t necessitate personal interaction with the course author. Our proficient team will evaluate your assignments and exercises, highlighting errors and providing feedback. You’ll also have unrestricted access to support materials and customer service.

Before initiating any massage, ensure that neither you nor the recipient have any health contradictions that could cause harm or pain. Don’t implement methods that aren’t fully safe for both you and the recipient. Be careful and don’t exert undue force. Ensure that the equipment you utilize is not only secure but also not too hot. The Kemp Center doesn’t guarantee full compliance with all jurisdictions’ laws. When carrying out professional activities, make sure to abide by your local regulations and act as per your individual legal circumstances.

The platform offers you endless access to the course content, neatly organized for smooth location and revisiting of any particular topic. Plus, more course resources are downloadable.

Indeed. During the payment process, choose the correct option and provide your business details.