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Feeling worn out from tedious and extended classes? How would you react if I mentioned that you can acquire the skills to deliver excellent facial massage without splurging on wasting time traveling?

As is the case with all massage enthusiasts, your goal is to morph your enthusiasm into a successful enterprise, but hurdles persistently block your path:

  investment necessitated for mainstream massage courses

  lack of local massage classes

  inadequacy of time and the resolve for travel

  unavailability of resources post-training

  the lack of capacity to closely inspect every detail of the performed massages

We carry the solution!

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Joan Christina

Experienced Massage Therapist

Let me introduce you to Joan, an expert massage therapist with a standout record in physiotherapy. A distinguished graduate of the esteemed Marbella Beauty Academy in Spain, she also holds the honored title of an international wellness trainer.


Joan’s impressive career features tenure at leading spa centers in both Great Britain and Gibraltar. Throughout her time there, she extended specialized care to VIP patients and successfully managed the operations of a vibrant wellness center.


Currently, Joan operates her own physiotherapy clinic and generously imparts her knowledge through training programs for budding massage therapists.

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Self-paced Facial Massage Course

If you have a passion for massage and aspire to become a skilled professional, our exclusive Facial Massage course is the perfect opportunity to elevate your expertise to new heights. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating world of Facial Massage.

In this comprehensive course, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the methods and essential focal points needed to deliver exceptional therapeutic massages using Facial Massage techniques. From gentle strokes to targeted acupressure points, you’ll learn how to cater to specific concerns and optimize skin health for various face types.

Don’t miss this chance to explore the exciting world of Facial Massage and unlock your full potential as a massage professional. Enroll now and embark on a rewarding path to becoming a master in the art of Facial Massage. Whether you’re a seasoned masseuse or just starting your journey, this course will empower you with the skills to make a lasting impact on your clients’ well-being and beauty.

Preparing the cleavage and neck area for massage
Rubbing the cleavage
Focusing on the most tense muscles
Transverse kneading in the sternum, pectoralis major, and deltoid region
Stretching the quadratus muscle
Brow line massage
Eye area massage
Jaw area massage
Forehead area massage
Head massage
Perform a Facial massage on your close ones or friends
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Anatomy map for massage therapists

This complete anatomical map will teach you the essential aspects of the human body that an expert massage therapist needs to understand. Uncover each significant muscle and bone. Familiarize yourself with human joints and ligaments. Gain self-assurance in identifying your client’s needs.


Certificate Facial massage

zł 99

  • Getting familiar with information about Facial massage - how, why, and where to apply it.
  • Performing a Facial massage
  • Knowledge of which techniques to use in Facial massage
  • Muscles to focus on and avoid during Facial massage
  • Who Facial massage is addressed to
  • What Facial massage entails

Frequently Asked Questions

Initiate your learning right now with our massage class that harnesses the e-learning advantages. The course is accessible anytime, giving you the liberty to learn at your convenience. We offer you permanent access to all resources, so you can progress comfortably, and feel free to revisit the course even after you’ve completed it.

Our training is mostly suitable for people with a basic grounding in massage. However, even novices can triumph in this course, given they have a strong inclination and fervor for the subject.

Securing a certificate from a Facial Massage course is indispensable. It authenticates your abilities and expertise, amplifying your credibility in the cutthroat makeup industry. This certification can also boost your career opportunities, differentiating you from those who lack formal instruction. Notably, these certificates retain their relevance over time, reflecting your consistent commitment to skill enhancement.

It’s not essential. The Facial Massage course can be completed entirely using your smartphone.

Still, if you can access a computer or tablet, it’s a great advantage – they can be used to participate in the course as well.

The Facial massage course is planned in such a way that direct communication with the course author is not necessary. Our proficient team will peruse your assignments and exercises, find errors, and render feedback. Besides, you will have unlimited access to help resources and customer support.

Before performing any massage, confirm that you or the recipient don’t have health conditions that could result in injury or pain. Don’t implement techniques that aren’t entirely safe for both you and the recipient. Be delicate and avoid applying too much force. Ensure that the tools you use are safe and not excessively hot. Kemp Center can’t assure full compliance with every jurisdiction. In terms of professional practices, you must comply with your local laws and respond to your personal legal situation.

The Facial massage course material on the platform is accessible with zero restrictions. It’s structured for hassle-free navigation and the revisiting of specific areas. Additionally, there are downloadable supplementary course materials.

Certainly. As you proceed with your payment, choose the right option and provide the details of your business.