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Absorb knowledge from the specialists, hone your skills with us, and elevate your makeup artistry to a higher tier

It is time to become a makeup star!

Exhausted from long and boring sessions? What would you say if I told you that you could learn to produce flawless makeups without spending a load on ineffective physical courses or wasting time in commute?

As with every makeup enthusiast, you desire to transform your passion into a lucrative venture, but you continually face hurdles:

  investment required for traditional makeup sessions

  scarcity of local makeup courses

  lack of time and willingness for commuting

  no access to materials after training

  the inability to look really closely at every detail of the performed makeups

We have the answer!

What do you gain by learning with us?



Practical Knowledge

Professional victory is within your reach with our instructors and hands-on exercises. Do away with excessive theory!


Learning From Experts

Uncover expert advice, methodologies, and tactics from industry professionals to elevate your success to its pinnacle.



Certified Course

The course ends with a certificate endorsing your newly gained competencies. Acquire this to stand apart in the employment market and invite new career advancements.



Ongoing Updates

We consistently refresh our course material to equip you with the most recent knowledge and information of superior quality.



24/7 online learning

A top-tier platform, accessible from all around the globe and across all devices! Savor the liberty of remote learning from any spot worldwide. Whether you’re at home, a park, or on a beach, facilitate learning comfortably on any device.



Individual Account

Establish your personal user account and monitor your advancement instantly.



Videos and presentations

Didactic content expressed via vibrant video resources and riveting presentations.


Tests and quizzes

Following each unit, tests and quizzes will be available to consolidate your gained knowledge.



Connect with us today and develop practical proficiencies and valuable instruments for success in your sector!

Monica Rose

Makeup Artist

Monica, an accomplished makeup artist and certified mentor, has imparted her knowledge to hundreds of students.

She operates her own beauty school and is associated with major cosmetic brands. She’s been a finalist three times in eminent makeup championships and has served in elite beauty pageants.

star star star star star

I completed the makeup course, very comprehensive knowledge and instructional videos. Convenient way to educate myself and learn new skills to use. Highly recommend.


star star star star star

I highly recommend this school. A lot of useful knowledge and tips.


star star star star star

I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.



Self-paced Course

Master the art of professional smokey eyes makeup application with this exclusive makeup class. Gain direct insight into professional procedures and acquire practical knowledge. We unveil all products, implements, makeup techniques, and industry secrets in this inclusive course.

With interactive study modules, session of exercises, and high definition video content accessible anytime, you’ll be able to learn every element of the most effective makeup techniques. You’ll also have the chance to practice and assimilate everything in real-time. We are committed to help you develop your hands-on skills – even if you’re a beginner.

Cleansing the skin, applying concealer, and eyebrow makeup
Eyebrow contouring and eye makeup
Eye makeup
Applying foundation and concealer
Face contouring and eyeliner application
Deepening the eye makeup
Applying powder, contouring with bronzer, and finishing with blush
Applying individual false eyelashes and applying lipstick
Perform makeup according to your own idea.
Summarize the acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Step into a smokey eyes makeup world full of comprehensive learning, presented in a spellbinding and engaging manner.

Practical lessons to make you a pro

Embark on a journey through a realm brimming with thorough education, delivered in a mesmerizing and captivating style.

Learning tools for professionals

Discover specifically designed learning resources for professionals to elevate their insights and talents.

Practical skills

Cultivate tangible skills via practical drills and applications that ready you for triumph in your chosen profession.

Lifetime access to the course – Full access 24/7, Available on any devices

Full access 24/7, Available on any devices: Enjoy unrestricted learning with lifetime access to the course, allowing you to study at your own pace anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

You can gain even more!


Join us and receive a course bonus that will further enhance your knowledge gained during the learning process!

Valuable certification

The knowledge you acquire from the course will be authenticated by a completion certificate, guaranteed to make a positive impression on prospective employers and clientele.

A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

Proper tools are a key element in a makeup artist’s job. Determine what accessories you should have at the onset, and what will become essential as your career escalates. This guide enlightens you on the tools needed and how to leverage them effectively.



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  • Determining the right products and tools for a variety of applications
  • Learning about different makeup tools and their uses
  • Conturing and highlighting
  • Shaping and filling eyebrows to frame the face
  • Using lip liner and lipstick to accentuate the lips
  • Using advanced makeup techniques
  • Putting on perfect skokey eyes makeups

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start learning immediatly. Our makeup class benefits from all the advantages of the e-learning formula. You can learn whenever you want, the course is available 24/7. It usually takes less than 11 hours to complete it. You will have lifetime access to all of the course resources and can complete it at your own pace. Even after completion you can get back to the course anytime in the future.

This smokey eyes training is primarily designed for individuals with a basic understanding of makeup. However, even those without any prior experience can successfully finish the course, given they possess a keen interest and enthusiasm for the topic.

Holding a certificate from a makeup course is vital. It confirms your skills and capabilities, boosting your trustworthiness in the competitive makeup industry. It can also enrich your employment opportunities, as it makes you stand out among those who lack certified training. Notably, these certificates maintain their value over time, symbolizing your steadfast commitment to refining your skills.

No, it’s not necessary. The smokey eyes course can be fully completed using just your smartphone.

However, if you have access to a computer or tablet, that’s even better – you can utilize them to undertake the course as well.

The smokey eyes course is made in a way that will not require direct contact with the course author. Our expert team will review your assignments and excercises, point out mistakes and give feedback.  Additionally, you will have unlimited access to help materials and customer support.

Before initiating any makeup application, ensure that neither you nor the individual receiving the makeup have any health issues that could potentially cause discomfort or injury. Refrain from applying techniques that you are not entirely confident are safe for both you and the recipient. Handle with care and gentleness. Verify that all equipment used is secure. The Kemp Center does not assure complete alignment with all jurisdictional guidelines. In the context of professional activity, it’s imperative to adhere to your local regulations and operate in accordance with your own legal circumstances.

The smokey eyes course content on the platform is accessible without any restrictions. It’s organized for easy navigation and revisiting specific topics. Also, there are supplementary course materials that you can download.

Absolutely. As you make your payment, opt for the suitable choice and input your business’s information.