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Are you ready for a deep dive into the world of professional makeup?

Our comprehensive package of makeup courses will guide you through the captivating world of colors, techniques, and transformative tools. Learn from industry-leading professionals, who bring years of experience and innovative insights right to your fingertips. This package offers a curated selection of courses, covering everything from the basics of skin care and natural look makeup to advanced contouring, special effects, and the latest trends.

Each course is designed with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience to ensure a holistic learning experience. Perfect for both makeup enthusiasts seeking to enhance their skills and aspiring makeup artists aiming for a professional career, these courses can open up a new world of creativity and opportunity. Don’t wait, elevate your makeup game today!

Cornelia Glas

Makeup Artist

Cornelia’s proficiency has garnered her acclaim in the industry, being highlighted in distinguished publications. Her creative output has fascinated both the general public and her professional peers, demonstrating her exceptional artistry and scrupulous precision.

Monica Rose

Makeup Artist

Monica is a highly experienced makeup artist with years of professional expertise under her belt, as well as a respected and credentialed instructor in the field. Over her illustrious career, she has imparted her profound knowledge and honed skills to countless individuals aspiring to make their mark in the world of beauty. Having personally mentored hundreds of students, she takes pride in nurturing the next generation of makeup artists.

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I like the formula of online courses, and here a definite plus is the accessible way of transferring knowledge by experts. Highly recommended!


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I liked the course very much, because it shows not only the art of makeup in a clear and easy way, but also shows beauty types, face shapes. A powerful dose of knowledge given in an accessible form.


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I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.


Get the essential knowledge to kich start you career in makeup industry
Glowing daily makeup
Natural daily makeup
Classic evening makeup
Glowing evening makeup
Smokey eyes
Colorful evening makeup
Kim Kardashian makeup
Celebrity makeup
Peach bridal makeup
Glowing natural bridal makeup
Learn how to deal with mature skin makeups
Create a daytime makeup look according to your own idea
Summary of acquired knowledge in a short test

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Acquire practical makeup skills and expertise through hands-on lessons that will elevate you to professional mastery

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Discover specialized learning resources designed specifically for aspiring makeup artists to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Practical skills

Develop real-world makeup skills through practical exercises and applications that prepare you for success in makeup industry.

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A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

An extremely important aspect of the make-up artist’s work are the right tools. Find out what accessories you should equip yourself with at the very beginning, and which ones will be needed as your career develops. With this guide, you’ll learn what tools you’ll need for your job and how to get the most out of them.


certificate Makeup course package

Makeup Course Exclusive Package

  • Selecting products and tools for different aplications
  • Putting on perfect makeups
  • Enhancing your clients' beauty
  • Employing sophisticated makeup techiques
  • Creating breathtaking evening makeups
  • Understanding face shapes, color theory, and proper hygiene protocols
  • Addressing clients' unique considerations such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture
  • Creating dramatic, sophisticated looks suitable for evening events
  • Conducting professional client consultations
  • Gaining insights into the business side of the makeup industry, including networking, marketing, and establishing a professional portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re free to begin learning instantly. Our makeup program makes full use of the perks of digital learning. The course materials are at your disposal 24/7, allowing you to learn at your convenience. You’ll have access to all course materials on a monthly basis, enabling you to work through them at a pace that suits you.

The course is set up with individuals having a basic understanding of makeup in mind. But it’s not exclusive, as those with no prior experience can still complete the course, given that they have a fervent interest and desire to learn the subject.

The graduate of the makeup class receives a certificate in printable digital form. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

No, it’s not a requirement. You can go through the entire course with your smartphone.

But if you have a computer or tablet at hand, it’s even better – they can be utilized for the course as well.

The design of the course doesn’t necessitate personal interaction with the course author. Our proficient team will evaluate your assignments and exercises, highlighting errors and providing feedback. You’ll also have unrestricted access to support materials and customer service.

Prior to executing any makeup, ascertain that you or the individual receiving the makeup doesn’t have any health concerns that might result in harm or discomfort. Avoid applying techniques that aren’t completely safe for both you and the recipient. Practice caution and gentility. Confirm the safety of all tools utilized. Kemp Center can’t guarantee total adherence to all legal jurisdictions. When carrying out professional duties, you are expected to abide by local rules and conduct yourself as per your individual legal status.

The platform offers you endless access to the course content, neatly organized for smooth location and revisiting of any particular topic. Plus, more course resources are downloadable.

Indeed. During the payment process, choose the correct option and provide your business details.