Makeup artist class

Learn from the experts, practice with us and get your makeup skills to the next level

It is time to become a makeup star!

Sick of extended, dull courses? What if I said you could learn how to perfect your makeup skills without pouring money into ineffective in-person courses or wasting hours commuting?

As is the case with all makeup enthusiasts, you’d love to make your passion a fruitful business, but you’re constantly obstructed by:

absence of makeup training in your region

  lack of courses in your area

  not having enough time and drive to commute

  unavailability of learning materials post-course

  not being able to examine in detail every aspect of the makeup done

We possess the remedy!

What do you gain by participating in Makeup artist class?



Practical Knowledge

Ascend the career ladder with our seasoned instructors and real-world exercises. Leave theoretical musings aside!


Learning From Experts

Tap into industry wisdom, tactics, and game-plans from specialists to propel you to the apex of success.



Certified Course

A Makeup artist class certificate validating your newfound skills marks the course’s end. Secure this recognition to enhance your standing in the job market and open gateways to novel career paths.



Ongoing Updates

We unceasingly update the course material to give you access to the most recent information and superior level knowledge.



24/7 online learning

An innovative platform that’s accessible worldwide and from any gadget! Enjoy the autonomy of virtual learning from anywhere on the globe. Whether you’re at home, in a park, or a beach, convenient learning is possible from any device.



Individual Account

Generate your exclusive user account and keep an eye on your progression in Makeup artist class in real-time.



Videos and presentations

Educative material illustrated through animated videos and stimulating presentations.


Tests and quizzes

At the end of each module, assessments and quizzes are present to summarize your newfound knowledge.



Step in with us today and secure practical skills and worthwhile tools to dominate in your field with this amazing Makeup artist class!

Monica Rose

Makeup Artist

With vast experience as a makeup artist, Monica is also a certified coach who has taught hundreds of pupils. Today she wants to share her knowledge with you in this exclusive Makeup artist class.


She presides over her own beauty academy and collaborates with top-notch cosmetic companies. She has thrice made it to the finals in notable makeup tournaments and has contributed her skills to high-end beauty competitions

Cornelia Glas

Makeup Artist

Cornelia is a beauty and makeup connoisseur with a broad background in television. She has applied makeup on TV celebrities and also made appearances on TV shows.


She’s been spotlighted in publications like Pap Magazine, Horizont Mag, Avanti, and Dreamingless. Her portfolio includes work for photo shoots, music videos, and advertising campaigns. Her forte is inventive makeup for extraordinary events

star star star star star

I completed the makeup course, very comprehensive knowledge and instructional videos. Convenient way to educate myself and learn new skills to use. I recommend 🙂


star star star star star

Practical knowledge transferred in a simple and understandable way. Useful information that can be used in professional as well as private life. Even if it is hard for someone to find free time, the classes are created in such a way that a few minutes a day is enough 😉


star star star star star

I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.



Self-paced Makeup artist class

Gain expertise in professional makeup applications with this exceptional makeup artist class. Directly observe the methods of professionals and grasp the techniques through practice. We lay bare all the products, tools, makeup styles, and professional tactics and confidential knowledge in a single all-encompassing course.


Equipped with interactive learning units, hands-on exercises, and constantly available high-grade video materials, you will master every aspect of leading makeup techniques. You will have an opportunity to practice and absorb all knowledge through direct application. We’ll assist you in honing your practical abilities – no matter your starting level.

PDF with ready-made stylizations
PDF with information on how to maintain beautiful skin
PDF with selected products used by professionals
A short guide to the art of makeup
PDF that includes what should be in your makeup kit
Tools and products for work to make your job easier
Learn about maintaining proper hygiene as a makeup artist
Discover different beauty types categorized according to the seasons
Learn how to choose makeup for different occasions
Learn to recognize different face shapes of clients
Learn how to select makeup for each individual
Different types of skin
Practical tips for makeup based on different beauty types and facial features
Basic products to start your career
What to have in your toolkit when starting out
Review of recommended cosmetics
Basic information on prepping the skin for makeup
Two methods of applying cosmetics
Create your shopping list
Summarize the acquired knowledge

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Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Delve into a makeup artist class source of comprehensive knowledge presented in an alluring and interactive way.

Practical lessons to make you a pro

Enter a universe teeming with holistic knowledge, presented in an enchanting and interactive way.

Learning tools for professionals

Identify specialized educational content crafted expressly for professionals to refine their intellect and skill set.

Practical skills

Foster practical skills through active exercises and applications that prime you for achievement in your chosen sphere.

Lifetime access to the course – Full access 24/7, Available on any devices

Open access 24/7, compatible with every device: Delight in limitless learning with permanent access to the course, enabling you to study on your schedule, from anywhere, and on any device.

You can gain even more!


Become part of our team and earn a course bonus that will amplify the knowledge you have gained throughout the learning journey!

Valuable certification

The knowledge you’ve gained from the course will be certified, a factor that will certainly dazzle potential employers and customers.

A Little Guide to Makeup, Hairstyling, and Dressing

Unlock the secrets of the beauty world with this comprehensive guide that covers everything from makeup application to hairstyling and dressing tips. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your everyday look or an enthusiast wanting to explore new trends, this guide will walk you through the basics while also providing advanced techniques and insider tricks. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful visuals, you’ll be able to create stunning looks that reflect your unique style and personality.

How to Improve Skin Appearance: Diet and Supplements

Discover the power of a healthy lifestyle on your skin with this informative guide. Learn how to enhance your skin’s natural radiance and address common concerns through the right diet and targeted supplements. From the impact of hydration and nutrition to the role of vitamins and antioxidants, this guide offers practical tips and expert advice to help you achieve a clear, glowing complexion from within.

5 Ready-to-Wear Everyday Styles

Discover five effortlessly chic and practical everyday styles that will have you looking fabulous in any situation. This guide provides step-by-step instructions and inspiration to help you achieve a polished and put-together look without sacrificing comfort. From casual and relaxed to smart and sophisticated, these versatile styles will make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Catalog of the Best Products with Their Applications

Navigate the beauty market with confidence using this curated catalog of the best beauty products available. From skincare essentials to makeup must-haves, this comprehensive catalog showcases top-rated products along with their recommended applications. Find the perfect foundation for your skin type, the most flattering lipstick shades, and the latest skincare innovations, all conveniently organized for easy reference. Elevate your beauty routine with these tried-and-tested products that deliver exceptional results.

A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

In a makeup artist’s work, the appropriate tools are essential. Understand what equipment you should have from the start, and what will be required as your career matures. This guide will educate you on the tools you’ll need and how to maximize their potential.


Certificate Makeup artist class

zł 149

  • Identifying suitable products and tools for a range of applications
  • Handling common skin concerns like acne, discoloration, or uneven skin tone
  • Learning about the vast array of products available on the market
  • Staying ahead of the curve by learning how to spot upcoming trends
  • Learning what essentials you need in your kit
  • Caring for and sanitizing your tools
  • Applying flawless makeup
  • Employing sophisticated makeup techiques

Frequently Asked Questions

Your learning can commence immediately. Our makeup course package is designed to take full advantage of the e-learning model. You can engage with the course material whenever it suits you, as it’s available all day, every day. You’re granted monthly access to all resources associated with the course, enabling you to complete it at a pace that is comfortable for you.

While the training is tailored for those with a fundamental understanding of makeup, it is also suitable for beginners, as long as they are passionate and curious about the subject.

Completion of a makeup course with certification is significant. It represents your level of expertise and skill, enhancing your standing as a trusted professional in the eyes of potential clients or employers. Moreover, it broadens your job prospects by establishing your edge over those without formal training. And as these certificates never lose validity, they perpetually remind of your determination and effort invested in your profession.

No, it isn’t required. The course can be entirely finished with a smartphone.

If you own a computer or a tablet, they would be useful too – you’re welcome to use them for the course.

The course is planned in such a manner that it does not require personal contact with the course facilitator. Our experienced team will evaluate your assignments and exercises, highlighting errors and offering feedback. Moreover, you’ll have endless access to resource materials and customer care.

Before undertaking any makeup application, make certain neither you nor the makeup recipient have any health conditions that could lead to injury or pain. Don’t implement techniques that aren’t entirely safe for both parties involved. Be tender and mindful. Ensure the tools you’re using are safe. The Kemp Center does not guarantee absolute compatibility with every jurisdiction’s laws. When engaging in professional operations, it’s essential to comply with your local laws and follow your personal legal obligations.

Makeup artist class content on our platform is at your disposal with no limits. Its arrangement ensures you can quickly pinpoint and revisit any specific topic. Extra course resources can be obtained as downloadable files.

Yes. When processing a payment for your Makeup artist class, pick the appropriate selection and provide the details of your company.