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Are you exhausted with drawn-out and mundane courses? Imagine if I disclosed that you can master creating flawless makeups without a hefty investment in ineffective traditional classes or wasting time on commuting?

Just like any makeup devotee, you wish to change your hobby into a money-making venture, but you are consistently impeded by:

prices of traditional makeup classes

dearth of makeup classes near your location

  limited time and enthusiasm for transit

  lack of access to study materials after the training session

  the challenge to pay close attention to every element of the applied makeup

Check our Kim Kardashian makeup course and find a solution!

What do you gain by learning Kim Kardashian makeup with us?



Practical Knowledge

Our professional trainers and application-based exercises will pave the path to your Kim Kardashian style makeup career success.


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Explore the realm of industry know-how, techniques, and strategic insights from pros to lead you to peak success.



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The Kim Kardashian makeup course’s final reward is a certificate authenticating your fresh skills. Procure it to excel in the job landscape and initiate new career paths.



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We regularly modernize the course content to present you with up-to-date information and top-tier knowledge.



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A forefront platform that’s globally accessible and device-agnostic! Revel in the liberty of internet-based learning from anywhere on Earth. Be it your living room, a local park, or a sandy beach, seamless learning is at your fingertips with any device.



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Videos and presentations

Pedagogical content presented through lively video content and appealing presentations.


Tests and quizzes

Once each module is complete, you’ll be able to take tests and quizzes to recap your assimilated knowledge.



Join our Kim Kardashian makeup class today and amass practical abilities and precious tools to prosper in your field!

Monica Rose

Makeup Artist

Monica, a seasoned makeup artist and accredited tutor, has tutored hundreds of learners.

She is the proprietor of her makeup institute and works in conjunction with preeminent cosmetics brands. She has reached the finals of respected makeup contests three times and has contributed to high-tier beauty events.

Cornelia Glas

Makeup Artist

Cornelia is a beauty and makeup professional with a rich history in the television industry. She has catered to TV stars and even made personal appearances on television programs.

She has been recognized in publications including Pap Magazine, Horizont Mag, Avanti, and Dreamingless. She has contributed to photo shoots, music videos, and advertising projects. Her proficiency is in imaginative makeup for unique events.

star star star star star

I recommend the course…. especially for beginners 🤗 lots of information and about preparations and techniques…. lots of instructional videos….


star star star star star

I highly recommend this school. A lot of useful knowledge and tips.


star star star star star

I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.



Self-paced Kim Kardashian makeup Course

Acquire the skill to execute professional Kim Kardashian makeup with this one-of-a-kind makeup class. Witness the practices of industry professionals and learn in a hands-on manner. We expose all the products, equipment, makeup techniques, and professional methodologies and hidden tricks in one all-inclusive course.

You will gain expertise in makeup techniques with interactive activities, hands-on exercises, and videos. You will have an opportunity to practice and absorb all knowledge through direct application. We’ll assist you in honing your practical abilities – no matter your starting level.

Cleansing and preparing the skin, applying concealer on the eyelids, brow makeup.
Brow finishing touches.
Eye shading.
Applying concealer and highlighter on the eyelids, using liquid glitter and eyeliner.
Face highlighting, selecting and applying foundation, using under-eye concealer, face contouring.
Face contouring, applying eyeliner on the waterline, finishing touches on the lower eyelids.
Contouring, applying powder, blush, and highlighter.
Applying false lashes, creating an ombre effect on the lips, highlighting the décolletage.
Cleansing and preparing the skin, applying concealer on the eyelids, eyebrow makeup
Upper eyelid makeup
Applying false lashes
Applying creams, foundation, highlighter, and concealer
Wet contouring
Lower eyelid makeup
Mascara application
Eyebrow makeup
Face highlighting, applying blush and bronzer
Lip makeup
Evening out the décolletage color and highlighting, setting the makeup.
Create an evening makeup look inspired by Hollywood celebrities according to your own idea
Summary of acquired knowledge in a short test

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A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

The correct tools are a fundamental part of a makeup artist’s work. Ascertain what accessories you should have from the outset, and what will be required as your career unfolds. This guide will inform you about the tools needed for your work and how to exploit them effectively.



zł 199

  • Determining suitable products and tools for various purposes
  • Blending techniques for eyeshadow and foundation
  • Correcting common skin concerns like acne, discoloration, or uneven skin tone
  • Highlighting
  • Conturing
  • Applying high-level makeup methods
  • Putting on perfect Kim Kardashian style makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

You can kick-start your learning process immediately. Our makeup course package optimizes all the perks of an e-learning platform. You can access the courses round the clock, providing the flexibility to learn at your leisure. You will receive monthly access to the entire course content, facilitating you to progress at your own speed.

The Hollywood makeup course has been structured keeping in mind those with elementary makeup knowledge. Nonetheless, individuals with zero experience can also complete the course successfully, provided they possess the necessary zeal and curiosity for the topic.

Possessing a makeup course certificate is beneficial. It reflects your acquired skills and knowledge, thus fortifying your reliability in front of possible clients or employers. It also positions you more favorably in job scenarios, as it shows you’ve undergone proper training compared to non-certified individuals. Furthermore, the fact these certificates are timeless underlines your unwavering dedication to honing your craft.

No, it’s not compulsory. You can finish the course using only your smartphone.

But if you happen to have a computer or a tablet, it’s even better – they can also be used to complete the course.

The structure of the course eliminates the need for direct interaction with the course creator. Our professional team will examine your assignments and tasks, identify any mistakes, and provide valuable feedback. In addition, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to support materials and our customer service team.

Before you initiate any makeup procedure, confirm that neither you nor the individual you’re applying makeup to have any health complications that could cause distress or harm. Don’t use techniques that aren’t completely safe for you and the recipient. Always approach with caution and gentleness. Check the safety of all the equipment you’re using. The Kemp Center doesn’t promise total compliance with each jurisdiction’s rules. You are required to obey your local laws and act in line with your own legal context when performing professional tasks.

The platform provides unrestricted access to the course material, structured to facilitate easy location and re-examination of any topic. Additional educational materials are accessible through download.

Absolutely. When conducting a payment transaction, opt for the relevant selection and register your company’s specifics.