Glowing makeup

Train under the guidance of professionals, refine your abilities with our practice, and escalate your proficiency in makeup

It is time to become a glowing makeup star!

Tired of enduring long and tedious courses? How would you respond if I mentioned that you can learn to craft flawless makeups without spending too much on ineffective face-to-face sessions, nor wasting precious hours commuting?

Like all makeup lovers, you aim to transform your fervor into a prosperous business, but you’re ceaselessly thwarted by:

  cost of conventional makeup lessons

  dearth of makeup classes near your location

  lack of time and inclination for transportation

  non-accessibility to resources after the course

the constraint of not being able to observe closely all the details of the makeup applied

We carry the solution!

What do you gain by learning glowing makeup with us?



Practical Knowledge

Under the guidance of our mentors and through practical exercises, professional success is yours. No more getting lost in theory!


Learning From Experts

The glowing makeup course is led by an industry expert and makeup trainer with overt 10 years of experience. Choose Kemp Center and be sure that you gain first handed knowledge delivered in the best possible way.



Certified Course

The glowing makeup course concludes with a certificate confirming your new skills. Obtain it to stand out in the job market and open doors to new career opportunities.



Ongoing Updates

We perpetually revise our course material to offer you the cutting-edge information and highest level of knowledge.



24/7 online learning

Our advanced platform is accessible from any point on earth and compatible with any device! Experience the liberation of distance learning from anywhere in the world. You can engage in comfortable learning from your house, a park, or even a beach using any device.



Individual Account

Form your distinct user account and observe your growth in glowing makeup in real-time.



Videos and presentations

Educational resources displayed in dynamic visual content and fascinating presentations.


Tests and quizzes

Post each module, you’ll face tests and quizzes designed to encapsulate the knowledge you’ve obtained.



Get onboard with us today and pick up practical expertise and valuable tools to shine in your sphere of work!

Monica Rose

Makeup Artist

Monica, an expert makeup artist and certified trainer, has trained hundreds of apprentices.


She administers her own cosmetic school and collaborates with leading brands in the industry. A three-time finalist in renowned makeup contests, she has also served at upper-crust beauty pageants.

star star star star star

Great clear course that you can learn a lot from. Highly recommended! 🙂


star star star star star

I highly recommend this school. A lot of useful knowledge and tips.


star star star star star

I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.



Self-paced Course

Learn to execute professional makeups with this unparalleled glowing makeup course. You will get a firsthand look at the working style of professionals and assimilate everything through practice. We bring to light all the products, instruments, makeup styles, and professional approaches and secrets in one detailed course.

Utilizing interactive instructional modules, workout sessions, and perpetual access to high-quality video content, you’ll grasp every nuance of exceptional makeup techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to practice and learn in a hands-on manner. We’re geared to advance your practical skills – irrespective of your starting status.

Preparing the skin, applying concealer around the eyes
Brow filling
Brow shaping
Eyelid makeup
Finishing touches on eye makeup
Reverse contouring - foundation and concealer
Applying eyeliner, shading the eyelids
Finalizing the eyeshadow shading, applying powder
Nose contouring, applying blush and highlighter
Nose contouring, applying blush and highlighter
Applying false lashes, mascara, lip makeup, and highlighting the décolletage
Create an evening illuminating makeup look according to your own idea
Summary of acquired knowledge in a short test.

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Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Submerge yourself in an ocean of detailed knowledge delivered in a captivating and interesting manner.

Practical lessons to make you a pro

Dive into a landscape overflowing with comprehensive learning, rendered in a captivating and compelling way.

Learning tools for professionals

Find unique educational resources structured particularly for professionals to improve their cognition and capabilities.

Practical skills

Nurture effective skills through practical training and applications that position you for success in your desired profession.

Lifetime access to the course – Full access 24/7, Available on any devices

Round-the-clock total access, compatible with every device: Indulge in unimpeded learning with permanent access to the course, giving you the freedom to study at your leisure, anywhere, and on any device.

You can gain even more!


Ally with us and acquire a course benefit that will augment the expertise you’ve gathered throughout the learning phase!

Valuable certification

Your course learning will be endorsed by a certificate upon completion, undeniably attracting the attention of prospective employers and clients.

A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

The right tools significantly influence a makeup artist’s work. Learn what accessories to start with and what will be essential as your career grows. With this guide, you will know which tools are indispensable and how to utilize them efficiently.


Certificate Glowing makeup


zł 89

  • Picking out correct products and tools for various tasks
  • Choosing best colors for each individual based on their skin tone, eye color, and personal style
  • Shaping brows to complement individual facial structures
  • Creating stunning looks for special occasions
  • False lash application
  • Employing superior makeup techniques
  • Putting on perfect glowing makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

You can initiate your learning journey at once. The e-learning structure of our glowing makeup course provides numerous advantages. You can access the course any time, as it’s available 24/7. With monthly access to all the course resources, you have the flexibility to proceed at your own rhythm.

This program is designed for those with a basic understanding of makeup. Yet, it remains accessible to those without prior experience, assuming they exhibit a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the subject.

The importance of a makeup course certification can’t be overstated. It serves as concrete evidence of your specialized skills and acumen in the makeup industry, contributing to your credibility with potential customers or recruiters. It can also elevate your career potential by marking you as distinct from artists without a formal education. Plus, since these certificates never lapse, they continually showcase your ongoing commitment to mastering your profession.

No, it’s not a requirement. You can go through the entire lowing evening makeup course with your smartphone.

But if you have a computer or tablet at hand, it’s even better – they can be utilized for the course as well.

The course is created such that it doesn’t require immediate communication with the course designer. Our experienced staff will analyze your assignments and exercises, pinpointing flaws and delivering feedback. Also, you’ll have ceaseless access to instructional resources and customer help

Before beginning any makeup application, ensure there aren’t any health conditions present in either you or the recipient that might result in injury or discomfort. Do not carry out techniques unless they’re fully safe for both you and the individual receiving the makeup. Exercise caution and gentility. Guarantee the safety of your equipment. The Kemp Center doesn’t ensure total compliance with all legal jurisdictions. It’s important to follow your local laws and act according to your own legal standing when executing professional work.

The platform provides unrestricted access to the lowing evening makeup course material, structured to facilitate easy location and re-examination of any topic. Additional educational materials are accessible through download.

Yes. While processing a payment for glowing evening makeup course, click on the suitable option and input your organization’s details.