Colorful makeup

Learn from the experts, practice with us and get your makeup skills to the next level

It is time to become a makeup star!

Have you had enough of lengthy and monotonous courses? What if I told you there’s a way to master flawless makeup without investing a lot in inefficient in-person lessons or losing time in transit?

Like every makeup fanatic, you’re keen to transform your love for makeup into a fruitful enterprise, but you’re persistently impeded by:

  prices of traditional makeup classes

  lack of courses in your area

  lack of time and willingness for commuting

   no access to materials after training

   the inability to look really closely at every detail of the performed makeups

We’ve got the solution!

What do you gain by learning colorful makeup with us?



Practical Knowledge

Our expert tutors and hands-on tasks will lead you to career triumph. No need to spend time on theoretical aspects!


Learning From Experts

Acquire professional industry insights, techniques, and strategies that will catapult you to the pinnacle of success.



Certified Course

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate validating your  acquired of doing colorful colorful makeup skills. Secure it to differentiate yourself in the employment sphere and pave the way for new career possibilities.



Ongoing Updates

We constantly refurbish our course content to ensure that you have the latest knowledge and information at an elevated standard.



24/7 online learning

A cutting-edge platform that can be accessed globally and on any gadget! Relish the liberty of e-learning from any corner of the globe. Be it your residence, a park, or a seashore, your learning can be smooth from any device.



Individual Account

Create your bespoke user account and supervise your progress instantly.



Videos and presentations

Educational content presented in dynamic videos and engaging presentations.


Tests and quizzes

Upon concluding each module, you’ll undertake tests and quizzes to consolidate the understanding you’ve acquired.



Enlist with us today and gain practical abilities and important resources for success in your profession!

Cornelia Glas

Makeup Artist

Cornelia is makeup and beauty expert with extensive experience working for television. She painted TV stars and appeared on TV shows herself.


She was featured in magazines such as Pap Magazine, Horizont Mag, Avanti or Dreamingless. She worked on photo shoots, music videos and for the advertising industry. Her specialty is creative makeup for special occasions.

star star star star star

I recommend the course…. especially for beginners 🤗 lots of information and about preparations and techniques…. lots of instructional videos….


star star star star star

I highly recommend this school. A lot of useful knowledge and tips.


star star star star star

I recommend the makeup course from Kemp Center. Specific knowledge provided in an accessible way. The girl who run the course explain everything super. You can go back and revisit any topic. A great alternative to face-to-face courses.



Self-paced colorful makeup course

Learn how to perform professional colorful makeup with this unique makeup class. You will see firsthand how professionals work and learn everything in practice. We reveal all the products, tools, makeups and professional methods and secrets in one comprehensive course.

With interactive learning modules, exercise sessions and high quality video content available 24/7,  you will be able to learn every detail of the best makeup techniques. You will also have the opportunity to exercise and learn everything in practice. We will help you develop your practical skills – even if you’re just starting out

Skin toning, upper eyelid makeup
"Spotlight" makeup on the upper eyelids
Upper eyelid makeup
Finishing touches on the upper eyelid makeup
Applying false lashes
Eye qaterline, lower eyelid makeup
Brow makeup, face contouring
Lip makeup, evening out the décolletage color, setting the makeup
Create an colorful makeup look according to your own idea
Summary of acquired knowledge in a short test

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Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Explore the knowledge of colorful makeup presented in a captivating and engaging manner.

Practical lessons to make you a pro

Acquire practical skills and expertise through hands-on lessons that will elevate you to a professional.

Learning tools for professionals

Discover specialized learning resources designed specifically for professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Practical skills

Develop real-world skills through practical exercises and applications that prepare you for success in your chosen field.

Lifetime access to the course – Full access 24/7, Available on any devices

Full access 24/7, Available on any devices: Enjoy unrestricted learning with lifetime access to the course, allowing you to study at your own pace anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

You can gain even more!


Join us and receive a course bonus that will further enhance your knowledge gained during the learning process!

Valuable certification

Your course knowledge will be confirmed by a certificate of completion, which will undoubtedly impress both potential employers and clients.

A quick guide to makeup tools: from basic to pro

An extremely important aspect of the make-up artist’s work are the right tools. Find out what accessories you should equip yourself with at the very beginning, and which ones will be needed as your career develops. With this guide, you’ll learn what tools you’ll need for your job and how to get the most out of them.


Certificate Colorful makeup


zł 89

  • Understanding the different types of makeup products
  • Choosing the right products and tools for different purposes
  • Highlighting
  • Contouring
  • Applying high-level makeup methods
  • Understanding of the standards and practices used in professional settings
  • Putting on perfect colorful makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

You have the liberty to start learning right away. Our makeup course leverages all the benefits of an e-learning format. The course materials are accessible round the clock, giving you the flexibility to learn as per your schedule. You’ll get monthly access to all the resources of the course, enabling you to progress at your comfort level.

This training is oriented towards individuals with basic makeup knowledge. However, it’s also entirely attainable for those without experience, as long as they have the enthusiasm and interest in the subject.

Being a certified makeup artist is important. The certificate acts as a physical proof of your specialized skills and proficiency, which can enhance your reputation in the makeup field. It can also improve your career opportunities as it sets you apart from those without formal education. Moreover, because these certifications do not have an expiry date, they consistently demonstrate your enduring dedication to the craft.

No, it isn’t required. The evening makeup course can be entirely finished with a smartphone.

If you own a computer or a tablet, they would be useful too – you’re welcome to use them for the course.

The course is structured so that there’s no need for direct communication with the course creator. Our specialist team will go through your tasks and exercises, indicate mistakes, and provide feedback. Plus, you will have infinite access to support resources and client service.

Before undertaking any makeup application, make certain neither you nor the makeup recipient have any health conditions that could lead to injury or pain. Don’t implement techniques that aren’t entirely safe for both parties involved. Be tender and mindful. Ensure the tools you’re using are safe. The Kemp Center does not guarantee absolute compatibility with every jurisdiction’s laws. When engaging in professional operations, it’s essential to comply with your local laws and follow your personal legal obligations.

The course content on our platform is yours to explore without limitations. We’ve carefully arranged it to ensure ease in finding and revisiting specific topics. Moreover, supplementary course materials can be downloaded at your convenience.

Absolutely. As you make your payment, opt for the suitable choice and input your business’s information.