The profession of a manicurist has become popular relatively recently, although well-groomed nails have always been a personal mark of every woman.

Durable hybrid, gel and acrylic nails dominated the nail styling market, although classic manicures are still very fashionable. With the development of various nail beautifying techniques, the demand for nail stylists has increased significantly.

If you love to create small works of art on a small nail plate and would like to do it professionally, take courses that offer the possibility of becoming a nail technician.

No matter how old you are, what your level of education is or what your area of expertise has been – it’s always a great time to pursue your passions!

Maybe you are passionate about nails ideas and constantly look for new inspirations and designs? Are you wondering how to become a manicurist?

This article will teach you 10 things worth knowing if you want to become a professional manicurist.

Work in this type of service requires not only appropriate theoretical and practical preparation but also certain predispositions.

a person choosing a color for nail styling while learning how to become a manicurist

1. Nail styling – what is the best course?

Along with the growing interest in courses for nail stylists appeared many institutions that offer the possibility of their implementation. How to choose the best nail styling course? What do you need to pay attention to? How to pick the best one out of hundreds of others?

A practical part and a theoretical part are required for the perfect course.

The first one should include basics such as: hybrid manicure on a natural plate, gel nail styling, classic manicure, nail extension, care of the nail plates, hands and cuticles, and discussion of all nail shapes.

The latter should focus primarily on working with the client: demonstrating the previously discussed styling methods and aspects of servicing your guests.

It is better if the course involves performing the indicated written assignments and practical works and ends with an exam. If you are going to use an online course, choose one that you can do at any time and where you have constant access to all training materials.

If you want to become a nail stylist in the future, sign up for a course with a certificate from the Ministry of National Education and obtain a diploma from a given educational center.

2. Is it a nail course worth taking?

Although learning how to style nails on your own is undoubtedly commendable, there are so many techniques that it’s impossible to learn all by yourself.

Besides, nail trends change with almost every season. Attending the course guarantees that you will learn the latest techniques for getting your nails done.

You might also find new inspiration thanks to free online photo banks, showcasing you what is trendy right now.

While styling the nails with the classic or hybrid method is not very complicated, the gel or acrylic one is rather a tricky business, so it is better to start by getting into the habit of doing it right from the very beginning.

Of course, there are many opinions on the internet saying that any course is just a waste of time and money. In some ways, it is true.

However, in order not to get tricked, do not opt for unknown companies or training institutions. If you carefully scan the website or read reviews about it, you will avoid risk and disappointment.

It is always worth putting both money and time into a good educational course where you will learn something new, improve your qualifications or finally start working in your dream job. The most important thing is a wise choice that will strengthen your decision and not deter you from it.

A person with stylish nails crossing arms

3. How to become a manicurist?

The profession of nail styling is chosen mainly by women (although there are exceptions). However, there are other features more important than gender that an ideal manicurist should have.

This profession is primarily based on constant contact with clients. That is why you need to be patient, sympathetic and open, and enjoy working with people. The ability to divide your attention or adapt to the client’s mood and requirements is also helpful.

This job is unlikely to be the destiny of extreme introverts and those who aren’t sympathetic towards others.

Your clients will often come to you not only for a beautiful manicure, but also for advice or a moment of relaxation to forget about their problems.

Some of them will be silent and others will talk about themselves or even ask for your opinion on certain matters.

You must be assertive. It will probably happen more than once that your client cancels her appointment on short notice, does not come at all, or asks you to work after hours.

You will have to learn how to tactfully draw the line at work.

Sounds risky? Don’t be afraid. This job gives a lot of satisfaction – especially if you are an artistic soul who likes to contact your beauty salon quests.

A nail stylist not only plays a therapeutic role, but also creates colorful works of art. This is a signature not only for them, but also for you.

4. Is one nail styling course enough for you?

If you have been doing nails at home so far and you want to do it professionally, choose a decent developed course.

If you have the basics, you cannot sit on your laurels. The field of nail styling is very dynamic and still evolving. If you dream of having an office that will be in demand by women, you must constantly and attentively follow the trends.

Watching instructional videos and tutorials will be very helpful. However, from time to time it is recommended to do a professional training course and systematize your knowledge.

Not to mention the fact that the obtained certificates of completing numerous courses and diplomas that you can hang on to the wall of your office will highlight your high competencies in nail styling.

If your client sees confirmation that you are a specialist who cares about her professional development, she will certainly trust you more.

Remember, beauty is not just about nails, if you want to go even further. Maybe is wise to know how to become a make up artist as well? This combination will make your work complex and really desirable.

a person with stylish nails holding a cup

5. How much money does a manicurist earn?

A nail stylist’s earnings largely depend on the city in which she conducts her business.

Of course, the rate for doing nails in big cities will be slightly different than in a medium or a small town. However, this isn’t the only determinant.

The products the nail stylist uses are also very important. After all, the time spent on the service should not only include the time spent on its performance but also the use of products and the equipment.

The most important thing you should take account of when setting a price list of a manicurist’s work is your experience. The more courses you have taken, the longer you have worked in your profession and the more beautifully you have done your job, the greater your earnings can be.

We would like to point out that the lowest amount means offers from people with little experience or learners, and the higher amount shows a lot of experience in the profession.

All things considered, the conclusion is simple: the more skills you gain, the more money you earn.

The situation is similar whether we wonder how much does a dietician earn, or a manicurist. It’s mainly a matter of skills and education.

6. Should I open my own nail stylization salon?

If you are at the very beginning of your adventure with nails stylization, right after obtaining the qualifications, and you know for sure that this is the field you want to develop professionally – nothing should prevent you from opening your own nail styling salon.

We recommend less confident people to start by establishing cooperation with the owner of a similar business: a massage salon, a hairdressing studio or a spa.

By subletting a workstation or a part of a business premises, you make new friends and gain a permanent base of clients.

If you get along well with employees, you can create a thriving tandem with them: you will recommend the services of a hairdresser to your client and vice versa – she or he will introduce her/his clientele to you.

Once you build a customer base, you can successfully start a thriving business on your own.

Nail styling during hardening

7. How to attract clients?

Besides the team that you can form with related businesses, you can initially try to gain a permanent customer base in various ways. The more creative they are, the better!

Encouraging promotions for new services, a permanent discount for regular customers or contests with prizes – these are some forms of promotion. Since social media occupies a large part of our everyday life, it is good to run a profile on Instagram or Facebook and show off your work. Positive opinions and nice nail designs will surely attract new customers.

The key to success in this matter is friendly service! Offer coffee or cake to your client – it will improve her mood and affect the atmosphere.

8. What should a nail stylist not do?

There are several major and minor sins that some hairdressers, beauticians and manicurists commit. Whilst building your reputation, beware of them.

Probably the worst offense is slandering other clients. Imagine sitting in an armchair, relaxing while having your nails done, and suddenly the stylist makes fun of another client’s story.

Your first thought will be that, after you leave, he will probably do the same with you, right? Of course, friendly conversations are most welcome. Even a little laugh – but never at the expense of other clients.

You also need to learn how to sense the client’s mood. Some of them expect to have fun with the conversation during their visit and look forward to gossiping a bit. Others just want to rest and be silent for an hour while watching your work. That is fine as well.

Also, try not to force your vision on the client. Although you are a specialist and you know what shape of nails will suit the hand or which color will perfectly match the complexion – if the client sticks to her vision, so be it.

Remember that every satisfied customer will recommend your services to others.

a person choosing a color for nail styling

9. Is it better to buy a ready-made nail styling kit or buy all the elements separately?

Although ready-made sets for hybrids or gel nails are helpful, we recommend you buy all the accessories separately.

Sets often have redundant elements, but the most important ones are missing. Of course, you can rely on the products of one company – but choose which elements you need, and which are unnecessary.

The same with the equipment for your office or workstation: it would be best if you tested the chair or table by yourself and made sure that they were comfortable. After all, you will spend several hours a day working at them.

10. Is the work of a manicurist satisfactory?

At first, the profession of a nail stylist may seem difficult or even boring.

After all, you make beautiful nails for your clients for long hours every day. Various shapes, patterns and colors, but in the end, you do the same thing repeatedly. However, this approach is completely wrong!

With each subsequent style, you will work faster and more efficiently. You will also learn more nail styling methods or new trends and develop useful habits.

After all, you will also meet lots of interesting people. The most important thing is a positive attitude. We wish you all the best!

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