Flight Attendant Training

Ready to join our Flight Attendant Training and be paid for travelling the world? Get on board!

Start on your path to an exciting new career in the skies today!

Start on your path to an exciting new career in the skies today! It’s time to take to the clouds and start your career as Flight Attendant.

Learn everything you need to know about being a flight attendant to land your dream job. Prepare yourself for a new job and learn from the best with these practical Flight Attendant Training.


Do you want to get paid to travel the world and have job flexibility?

You’re in the right place! Start our flight attendant course today and get to grips with all of the necessary procedures you need to know to set yourself apart and be a standout candidate. With this course you will build an extensive foundation of knowledge.

Tests and practical tasks will allow you to consolidate your knowledge and skills. You will learn everything you need to know as a Flight Attendant:

  • basic knowledge of the aircraft,
  • what the daily work looks like,
  • the basics of airline recruitment,
  • safety procedures,
  • emergency procedures.


This training is designed for both those who are already cabin crew and want to deepen their knowledge as well as anyone looking to start a new career path and fast-track their way to their first job in the skies.


Pass with flying colors

The training will be delivered through an  multimedia platform and you will receive a certificate upon completing the course. You can study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere; all you need is an internet connection.

The flexibility of the course makes it easy to fit into your current schedule and you can study stress-free.

We provide in-depth training in an easy-to-follow format so that you can pass all of the cabin crew exams with confidence. Inside the course, you’ll find extensive knowledge from industry-leading professionals on everything they believe you need to know to be selected.


You will learn all about the flight attendant role as well as understand the aviation industry and the important safety and security procedures. You will gain a strong understanding of everything from role-playing scenarios to an inside look at the assessment day. After completing this flight attendant training you’ll be able to demonstrate an excellent knowledge of the role in your interviews and application process. You will also receive a full certificate upon completing the course which you can show to potential employers.


Start today! Learn from the best in the industry and join our learning community now.

Join the Flight Attendant Training course today and get the benefits:

Learning from a professional instructor

24/7 access from any device

Practical exercises

Tests, quizzes and recaps

Certificate of completion

Extra materials and downloadable bonuses

100% satisfaction guarantee

Angela Lecarde

Learn from our cabin crew trainer who has over 15 years of experience in the industry

The training is conducted by an industry-leading expert that is committed and willing to help you build the foundation of knowledge you need to start or improve as a cabin crew flight attendant. Our expert has worked as a senior flight attendant working all around the world as well as training hundreds of staff across the globe. She will be more than happy to share with you all of her knowledge and expertese so you can set yourself apart from other candidates and confidently get through the selection process.


Angela is passionate about simplifying the process of becoming a flight attendant. She has compiled her many years of experience into a concise course with all of the need-to-know information. She will be sharing all of her inside tips on what airlines are looking for in their staf. She has created invaluable resources that will help you every step of the way.


Angela is very passionate about working as a flight attendant and we can guarantee that you complete the course feeling well prepared and motivated to land your new role.


  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Full HD instructional videos
  • Practical exercises
  • Certification upon completion
  • Lots of engaging content (including bonuses)
  • Advanced learning platform
star star star star star

This course is fully packed with really valuable information that helped me get my first flight attendant job. It is in an easy to follow format and I loved that I could go at my own pace without any pressure.

Charlotte Rameen

Flight Attendant Course participant

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Emergency procedures
First aid
Time to put everything you have learnt on the course to the test! The final project will consist of a final project that you have to upload to the platform. This project will be reviewed by the National Learning Center team. You will also have to use the skills you have learnt on the course to answer questions on different subject matters related to the aircraft, procedures, the flight attendant responsibilities and emergencies.


  • Foundations of working as Flight Attendant
  • Lastest knowledge about safety and procedures on board
  • How to prepare for Airline recruitment
  • See the overview of airlines and job opportunities
  • Gain professional skills related to being Flight Attendant
  • Basic knowledge about daily work as Flight Attendant

A letter from your expert instructor:

Why join Kemp Center’s Flight Attendant Training?


This course prepares you not only for a career as a flight attendant but also teaches you essential skills that employers truly value. Working as a flight attendant is an increasingly popular career choice because who wouldn’t want to travel the world and get paid? There are many job opportunities out there but it is essential to know how to set yourself apart from other candidates and this course can help you do just that!


It is suitable for those who are looking to start a new career being a flight attendant or cabin crew staff that want to deepen their knowledge. The course includes in-depth knowledge of everything you need to know whilst flying in the skies.

The course comprises the most up-to-date content from experts in the industry giving you the best opportunity to land your dream job. The flight attendant course covers global industries and follows standardized procedures from across the globe so that you can work wherever you want. Turn your passion for traveling into a job!


The course will help you understand how to prepare the cabin for flight, procedures such as boarding passengers and safety demonstrations, and how to deal with emergencies. Ready to get on board?

 Angela Lecarde, Cabin crew trainer


Angela Lecarde Flight Attendant Trainee

Practical guide on how to carry out the most important procedures

Familiarize yourself with the most important procedures, applicable in the air. Learn the basics of managing the procedures that will be in effect on board of the aircraft.

Practical guide on how to prepare in emergency situations

First of all, don’t panic-this guide will help you keep your cool in an emergency on board. You will learn what behavior is prescribed by safety procedures, and by learning them in depth, you will be able to act efficiently during emergencies.

How to communicate with the pilot and other crew members in the right way?

Right communication with the pilot and other crew members is essential for a good flight attendant.  Gain knowledge on clear communication and mitigating disputes between crew members with this guide. Become the most friendly flight attendant on the board!

Communication with difficult passengers

Sometimes you have to deal with difficult passengers. You will have to deal with both an argumentative adult and a frightened child. Learn communication techniques that will make it easier for you to work with the different types of people you will meet on board.


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Lastest knowledge about being Flight Attendant
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The flight attendant course includes:

Detailed video presentations

1. Essential know-how to understand all the procedures and the culture of your profession. 

  • Aviation business – grasp the whole picture and understand your role in it
  • Guidelines and procedures – learn what workings as a flight attendant requires and how to fulfill your duties appropriately
  • Career path presented with the most detail through its stages
  • Learn how one does become a flight attendant and what will be required of you

Training videos

  • How to work as Flight Attendant
  • How to deal with difficult situations
  • Working in different airlines


1. Tests and revision of acquired knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of being a Flight Attendant
  • Knowledge of specific aspects and components

2. Final Exam

  • Final test
  • Summary of previously presented knowledge and tasks

Course materials

  • How to communicate with the pilot and other crew members in the right way?
  • Communication with difficult passengers
  • A practical guide on how to prepare in emergency situations
  • A practical guide on how to carry out the most important procedures

Course takeaways:

Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Practical presentations to make you a pro

Learning tools for professionals- safety guides and preparing for working as Flight Attendant

Practical skills - including working with passengers, preparing for emergency situations and everyday work challenges

Repetition and testing - repetitions and follow-up tests

Complete and extensive supporting materials - files for daily use

Lifetime access to the course - Full access 24/7, Available on a smartphone

Valuable certification – Kemp Qualification Certificate


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Lastest knowledge about being Flight Attendant
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Our course benefits from all the advantages of the e-learning formula. You can start it whenever you want. It usually takes less than 20 hours to complete it. You will have lifetime access to all of the course resources and can complete it at your own pace. Even after completion you can get back to the course anytime in the future.

The training has been designed for those with basic knowledge of being Flight Attendant. People with no experience will be able to complete the course – as long as they do not lack desire and interest in the subject.

The graduate of the Flight Attendant course receives a certificate in printable digital form. You can look it up here. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. Studies show that most employers are interested in hiring a person who does not have higher education but has a different qualification certificate (source: Learning House 2018). Most of the employers rate qualifications obtained the same as those obtained in-house (source: UPCEA 2018). In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

No. You can complete the course entirely via smartphone.

If you have a computer or tablet, all the better – you can also use it to take the course.

The tasks and exercises are varied and help you acquire specific practical skills. First, the instructor shows a concrete example of how to perform the task and then the student performs it independently. The result of their work is attached as a file in the appropriate format. Our expert team reviews the projects and delivers feedback.

They are neither too easy nor too difficult. You will be OK!

You can take each test an unlimited number of times. To pass the tests, you must answer at least 60% questions correctly.

The course is made in a way that will not require direct contact with the course author. Our expert team will review your assignments and excercises, point out mistakes and give feedback.  Additionally, you will have unlimited access to help materials and customer support.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and go back to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

Yes. When making a payment, select the appropriate option and enter your company information.