Digital Marketing Course

Learn the latest marketing strategies and tactics with our professional marketing course


Do you want to learn the latest marketing strategies and tactics?

You are in the right place. We offer you a professionally designed marketing course that will help you gain new customers and increase your business revenue.

Forget the theoretical approach to learning used in universities and traditional training courses and focus on developing practical skills. We offer you an exclusive opportunity to cover only the practice and marketing activities geared toward rapid business growth. You’ll learn from our marketing expert with many years of experience in the field.

Note: previous experience in marketing is not obligatory, newbies are welcome too!

Get into the real world of marketing and learn tactics you won’t learn in any other course. Familiarizing yourself with them will allow you to outpace the competition and conquer the market.

We’ll cover topics including developing a marketing plan, creating unique content, mastering the use of the most effective marketing tools and maximizing website conversions. You’ll learn all about effective product promotion, branding, writing attention-grabbing content, SEO and using marketing channels and funnels.

Investing in this marketing course will give you a huge return on your investment. By effectively using just one idea presented here, the price of the course will pay for itself many times over.

Find out what works today, get many useful bonuses and join the ranks of satisfied clients today!

Join the Digital Marketing course and get the benefits:

Learning from a professional instructor

24/7 access from any device

Practical exercises

Tests, quizzes and recaps

Certificate of completion

Extra materials and downloadable bonuses

100% satisfaction guarantee

Dolores Abernathy

Digital Marketing Expert

The course will be delivered by an expert with over 10 years of experience in the field.

He has worked in the US, Turkey, India, Spain and Belgium, which gives him a unique perspective on the marketing world. His specialties are content marketing, SEO, direct marketing, e-commerce conversion optimization, email marketing, automation, data analysis and marketing team management.

His passion for the subject can be felt from the very beginning of the course, and his skills and enthusiasm will inspire you to continue your professional development.


  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Full HD instructional videos
  • Practical exercises
  • Certification upon completion
  • Lots of engaging content (including bonuses)
  • Advanced learning platform
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“Super course! Gives a lot of knowledge from the basics on how to get into the whole topic of marketing. I highly recommend if anyone is curious about how it’s done in practice.”


Course participant

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20 marketing metrics you need to know

Marketing content calendar - Plan your entire month in advance

Top 10 marketing tools to make your job easier

SEO Checklist - Go through it before publishing content online

A letter from your expert instructor:

Every respectable marketer knows that the key to market success is to develop knowledge and skills that can be put into practice right away. So, invest in yourself now and benefit from it later!

We are pleased to present you and offer you our carefully designed, highly professional  Marketing Course focusing on practice only. Either you’ve been in marketing for years or you’re just starting out in this fascinating field, you can be sure that you’ll learn something new in this course.

Learn from the best in the marketing field, from our marketing expert who will share his knowledge and experience with you, and gain a lot from it.

Join our platform today and maximize revenue with new skills!

Dolores Abernathy

Digital marketing expert



  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Latest knowledge and modern practices
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Overview of the course:

I. Content knowledge package

  1. Practical knowledge of marketing
    • Zero theory, maximum practice – that’s the idea behind our course. Time to roll up your sleeves, get to work (and start earning more)!
  2. Examples of real campaigns
    • Learn how the pros do it and use patterns that have proven successful in many markets.
  3. Original ideas
    • In the course, you will find many ideas that are not available anywhere else on the web. This will enable you to outsmart your competition.
  4. Multi-channel marketing
    • Start showing up everywhere, even if you have a limited marketing budget.

II. Practical part

  1. Increase conversion rates
    • Get the most out of every customer you interact with by testing different campaign variations.
  1. Analyzing data and measuring marketing performance
    • Analyzing your data and creating a marketing cockpit will help you keep your finger on the marketing pulse.
  1. Additional knowledge sources and best tools
    • Learn where to find the latest market data and marketing tactics, and use smart tools.
  1. A solid e-commerce foundation
    • Selling online is the norm today. Master the best e-commerce tactics and make your shopping cart rumble with traffic.
  1. Mastery of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Positioning will allow you to reap a sales harvest every month.
  1. Advertising on the web
    • Most paid campaigns fail. In this course, you will learn the most common mistakes and methods for creating ads that work.

III. Tests

  1. Tests and repetitions of acquired knowledge
    • You will pass tests that will allow you to check your knowledge and better remember the topics discussed in the course.
  1. Final test
    • Passing the final test means that you have enough knowledge and skills in marketing, and that you deserve the certificates.

IV. Tasks

  1. Tasks and practical exercises
    • Effective marketing is all about taking the initiative. Assignments result in specific materials that you can use in your current business. In this way, we immediately link learning to concrete action.

V. Bonus materials for the course

  1. Additional materials for daily work
    • You will receive a list of key marketing metrics, marketing tools, a content calendar template, and checklist SEO.

Course takeaways:

Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Practical presentations to make you a pro

Skills development including

Six exercises and practical tasks

Repetition and testing

Complete and extensive supporting materials - files for daily use

Lifetime access to the course - Full access 24/7, Available on a smartphone

Valuable certification – Kemp Qualification Certificate


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Latest knowledge and best practices
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We make learning experience even more effective and practical than physical classes. All thanks to real-life exercises, tasks, examples and interactive modules. The world has become more digital than ever. Now you can learn soft skills, whenever it suits your schedule.

The course is conducted and delivered through an advanced e-learning platform. You can complete it even in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

The graduate of the course receives a certificate in printable digital form. You can look it up here. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. Studies show that most employers are interested in hiring a person who does not have higher education but has a different qualification certificate (source: Learning House 2018). Most of the employers rate qualifications obtained the same as those obtained in-house (source: UPCEA 2018). In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

People with no experience will be able to complete this Digital marketing course – as long as they do not lack desire and interest in the subject. If you have some previous knowledge of communication or psychology, thats even better.

Our Digital marketing course benefits from all the advantages of the e-learning formula. You can start it whenever you want. It usually takes less than 20 hours to complete it. You will have lifetime access to the course materials and can complete it at your own pace.

The tasks and execises are varied and help you acquire specific practical skills. First, the instructor shows a concrete example of how to perform the task and then the participant performs it independently. The result of their work is delivered directly in the platform or attached as a file in the appropriate format. Our expert team reviews it and delivers feedback.

They are neither too easy nor too difficult. You will be OK!

You can take each test an unlimited number of times. To pass the tests, you must answer at least 60% questions correctly.

The course is made in a way that will not require direct contact with the course author. Our expert team will review your assignments and excercises, point out mistakes and give feedback.  Additionally, you will have unlimited access to help materials and customer support.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and go back to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and return to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

Yes. When making a payment, select the appropriate option and enter your company information.