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Do you want to improve your knowledge of business administration and gain new practical skills? Do you like to change your career and move into a business administration role? Are you looking to upskill and get a valuable certificate that you can add to your CV?

We are pleased to inform you that we have answer to all your requirements, offering you professionally designed, advanced business administration course that will make you proficient in the most important aspects of business administration so you can enjoy limitless career prospects worldwide.

This is a great opportunity to study at any time in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace from any device that has internet connection. It is ideal for those with insufficient time to commit to traditional training or career development. It is designed for people looking to begin a career in business administration and also for those that want further improve their existing careers in the field.

The course begins with an introduction to modern business administration; and then explores the fundamentals of administration management, the business environment; professional HR management; management of business resources and the performance management. You will also learn about the importance of business communication in a business environment and how to develop an effective corporate communication; how to write professional report and how to build and maintain effective customer relations. Developing and managing budget, creating effective marketing plan will be easy tasks for you after completing the course.

The course will be delivered through a multimedia platform Kemp Center and will eventually bring you valuable certificate of completion that you can add to your CV.

Invest today in yourself so you won’t regret tomorrow!

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100% satisfaction guarantee

Malaika Masozi

Business Administration Expert

The Business administration course will be delivered by an expert in business administration, the best one in the field with many years experience and active role in business administration.

The expert trainer will share all the knowledge and experience with you, will introduce you the business administration completely and further teach you about the HR, performance, finance, resources and risk management. You will learn how to conduct effective marketing, how to build an effective corporate communication and customer relation and how to write professional report in practice. You will gain knowledge that is required to ensure you can successfully work in different environments in a business administration role.

Your expert trainer will assist you and guide you through several knowledge repetitions, practical tasks and tests to make sure you remember all the important information and to consolidate your gained knowledge even better. At the end, you will be capable to use everything you learnt in practice while starting a new business.


  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Full HD instructional videos
  • Practical exercises
  • Certification upon completion
  • Lots of engaging content (including bonuses)
  • Advanced learning platform
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“This course helped me save my time and money required for university education. Everything that needs years to be taught at university, with this course I learnt in few days – from my home, when I wanted, how I wanted. I highly recommend it!”

Zoya V

Course participant

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This course begins with a comprehensive introduction to business administration, defining the term and exploring a different types of businesses and their ownership models. In this section, you will also learn about the role and importance of effective business administration, about the social responsibility of a business, social ethics and etc.
This section will provide you with a broad overview of the business environment in general, including a close inspection of micro and macro environments. It will help you understand the different organizational structures and the differences between private, public and voluntary sectors. You will also cover the variety of internal and external influences that can affect a business and why change in the business environment is important
This section will give you clear picture of management providing you with an important definition and explanation of the term ‘management’. You will also learn the characteristics, nature, levels, functions of management and also the general management principles.
This section defines the HR management, the primary functions and responsibilities of the HR manager, the HR code of ethics, the primary objectives of human resource management for the modern business, professional HR planning etc.
This section focuses on how the HR manager can nurture and enhance employee performance. It covers various techniques for better-managing the efficiency, output and motivation of the employees. In this section, you will also learn about the primary rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, the objectives, functions and benefits of professional performance management and much more.
In this section are introduced a series of financial management concepts and teachings. It covers the objectives and functions of financial management, planning for funds and an overview of financial responsibility and accountability. You will learn how to develop and manage budgets successfully and effectively.
This section deals with strategies for managing all essential business resources. It also describes a variety of challenges and issues associated with business resource management and the benefits of planning / implementing a workable resource management strategy.
This section gives a brief introduction to effective business marketing, and it will guide you in the process of creating and implementing of an efficient marketing plan as well as defining your target market.
In this section is outlined and explored the importance of exceptionally strong business communication (written and verbal) in a business environment, also including identifying appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally. It demonstrates the important key guidelines for effective corporate communications in general and describes the basics of professional report writing.
This section will introduce you the team management and will teach you how to develop working relationships with colleagues. It focuses on developing team management skills, the benefits of professional team management, how to build effective teams, an overview of the different types of business teams.
This session deals with the importance of building and consistently managing strong customer relations. You will explore the traits and behaviors of positive and negative customers and you will learn how to transform negative customer experiences into positives for the business.
This sections deals with professional risk management, benefits of strategic risk management, the core elements of risk management. You will also learn the various risk types and risk management tools, techniques and resources.
Task 10. Identifying risks and implementing risk strategies
Final section of the course is a guidance through the most important aspects and considerations for those interested in starting their own businesses. It is like a practical exercise where everything taught from the previous sections is implemented here: creating professional business plan, marketing plan, implementing effective methods for projecting costs, implementing workable pricing methods and more.

Practical guide for implementing effective strategies, techniques and tactics in everyday business administration tasks

Practical guide how to perform successfully everyday business administration tasks

List of practical advices how to improve your business administration skills

How to start a business?

A letter from your expert instructor:

From the largest international corporations to the smallest local offices, strong administration plays a crucially important role in every business and organization. The quality and competency of the administrative duties reflect the successfulness of the business, so, those who perform the business administration tasks should perform their duties on the highest professional level.

We are pleased to present you and invite you to most popular and advanced study program for business administration, a premium course that will help you develop essential knowledge of how to perform administrative tasks and how to apply your knowledge in a variety of industries and job roles.

Learn from the best in the business administration field, from our expert trainer who will share his/her knowledge and experience with you, so you can benefit from it.

The course will help you to learn effective working practices that are applicable to office and administration roles, will improve your practical skills and performance in the workplace, will help you to develop and further improve your knowledge at a range of a master of business administration expert.

The course package contains extensive material presented in an interesting form, learning by using specific examples, knowledge repetitions, varied practical tasks, final exam, and on top of everything, getting valuable certificate of completion at the end of the course. And all this is available to all people anywhere in the world with internet access, delivered on the Kemp Center platform.

Study flexible – when you like and at your own pace – for a qualification that could transform your career prospects for life.

Join us now!

Malaika Masozi

Business Administration Expert



  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Latest knowledge and modern practices
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Business administration course includes:

I. Video presentations

  1. Practical knowledge about business administration
    • Business administrations, business environment, HR Management, performance and team management, finance and risk management, business communication and building and maintaining customer relations etc.
  1. Real examples of business environments
    • Professional HR planning; implementing different techniques for employees’ managing; managing finances and resources; conducting effective marketing; professional report writing; developing working relationships with colleagues; building effective customer relations; identifying risks and implementing risk strategies; starting a business.

II. Practical part

  1. Training videos and video tutorials
    • In the course, you will find many training videos and video tutorials that will teach you and will give you practical advices how to implement successfully the gained knowledge from the course in practice.

III. Knowledge repetitions and tests

  1. Repetitions of acquired knowledge and tests
    • Through the course, you will have 10 repetitions and 10 tests that will allow you to check the acquired knowledge and better remember the topics discussed in the course.
  1. Final test
    • Passing the final test means that you have enough knowledge and skills in the field of business administration, and that you became certified business administration expert.

IV. Tasks

  1. Practical tasks about:
    • Making changes in the business environment
    • HR planning
    • Implementing techniques for employees’ better-managing
    • Developing and managing budget
    • Implementing workable resource management strategy
    • Creating effective marketing plan
    • Professional report writing
    • Building effective team
    • Transforming negative customer experience into positive one
    • Identifying risks and implementing risk strategies

V. Bonus materials for the course

  1. Additional materials for use in daily work
    • You will receive from us, among other things, a practical guide how to perform business administration tasks successfully and effectively and how to improve your skills.

Course takeaways:

Extensive knowledge transferred in an interesting form

Practical presentations to make you a pro

Skills development

Six exercises and practical tasks - simulations and role-playing

Repetition and testing - 5 repetitions and 5 follow-up tests

Complete and extensive supporting materials - files for daily use

Lifetime access to the course - Full access 24/7, Available on a smartphone

Valuable certification – Kemp Qualification Certificate


  • Learning from a true professional
  • Practical, real-life cases and exercises
  • Latest knowledge and best practices
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to advanced platform
  • Full HD videos, extra materials and bonuses
  • Certificate of completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We make learning experience even more effective and practical than physical classes. All thanks to real-life exercises, tasks, examples and interactive modules. The world has become more digital than ever. Now you can learn soft skills, whenever it suits your schedule.

The course is conducted and delivered through an advanced e-learning platform. You can complete it even in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

The graduate of the course receives a certificate in printable digital form. You can look it up here. Certificates are valid for life and do not need to be renewed. Studies show that most employers are interested in hiring a person who does not have higher education but has a different qualification certificate (source: Learning House 2018). Most of the employers rate qualifications obtained the same as those obtained in-house (source: UPCEA 2018). In Kemp Center’s experience, a certificate helps you find a better job because it validates your qualifications and shows you are proactive in developing your professional skills.

People with no experience will be able to complete this Business Administration course – as long as they do not lack desire and interest in the subject. If you have some previous knowledge of communication or psychology, thats even better.

Our Business Administration course benefits from all the advantages of the e-learning formula. You can start it whenever you want. It usually takes less than 20 hours to complete it. You will have lifetime access to the course materials and can complete it at your own pace.

The tasks and execises are varied and help you acquire specific practical skills. First, the instructor shows a concrete example of how to perform the task and then the participant performs it independently. The result of their work is delivered directly in the platform or attached as a file in the appropriate format. Our expert team reviews it and delivers feedback.

They are neither too easy nor too difficult. You will be OK!

You can take each test an unlimited number of times. To pass the tests, you must answer at least 60% questions correctly.

The course is made in a way that will not require direct contact with the course author. Our expert team will review your assignments and excercises, point out mistakes and give feedback.  Additionally, you will have unlimited access to help materials and customer support.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and go back to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

You will have unlimited access to the course content on the platform. We grouped it in such a way that it is always easy to find and return to a particular topic. Additional course materials are available as downloadable files.

Yes. When making a payment, select the appropriate option and enter your company information.


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